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*****Food Therapy: Beet, The Best Anti Hypertension Functional Food(Revised Edition)

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Regular drinking of beet juice may have a profound effect in reduced risk and treatment of hypertension, a recent study suggested.

Hypertension is a condition of abnormal high blood pressure in the blood stream, considered as a major syndrome in increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Beet, best known as the beetroot or garden beet is a perennial plant with leafy stems growing to 1–2 m tall, belongings to the amaranth family

In a randomized crossover study of 24 subjects aged 25-68 years old divided into two groups with one group took raw beet juice (RBJ) for 2 weeks and the other group took cooked beet (CB). After 2 weeks of treatment, both groups had a washout for 2 weeks then switched to the alternate treatment, researchers after taking into account of other co founders found that both groups showed a remarkable in reduced blood pressure but significantly higher in beet juice subjects.

Dr. Asgary S1, the lead author said, " (Beside ameliorated blood pressure,) more improvement was observed in endothelial function and systemic inflammation with RBJ compared with CB".

Endothelial function plays an important role in ensured proper blood circulation in and out of the heart. Endothelial dysfunction is an abnormality of inner lining of blood vessels.

Systemic inflammation is an over production of inflammatory cytokines through immune response in activation of the innate immune system.

The study also addressed that beet juice and cooked beet attenuated hypertension may be resulted of a complex system involved  regulation of pro inflammatory and antioxidant expressions.

Furthermore, in the study of the effect of beetroot juice concentration in 24 overweight older participants given either the beetroot juice concentrate or blackcurrant juice group, with a 1-week post supplementation phase (week 4) for 3 weeks, scientists suggested that beetroot juice concentrate showed a strong inhibition of daily systolic BP after 3 weeks in compared to blackcurrant juice treatment group,

Systolic BP is the measurement of the maximum arterial pressure in stage of contraction of the left ventricle of the heart.

However,  the efficacy of beet juice in reduced BP can not be sustained after the interruption of the supplementation intake at 1 week followup.

Dr. Jajja A, the lead author said, "In overweight older subjects, beetroot juice concentrate supplementation was associated with beneficial effects on daily systolic BP".

Additionally, according to the joint review of the database included 85 older participants (age range: 55-76 years) of 2 trials with an open-label, parallel design in compared to  2 trials with a cross-over, double-blind design, researchers insisted that the efficacy of beet juice in reduced blood pressure may associate to age of subjects, as well as the expression of in-nocturnal mean.

The finding evidences demonstrated that  beet juice may be considered as a functional food in lowering high blood pressure.

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