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**** Alternative Therapy: Yoga, the Ancient Technique in Alleviated Complications of Stress(Revised)

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Yoga participants are found to benefit from decrease levels of all kinds of physical, emotional, vocational, and academic stress, a renowned institute study suggested.

Yoga is an ancient practical technique of India, included breath control, meditation, bodily movement and gesture,..... with an aim to achieve harmonization of the body, mind, and spirit.

Stress is a normal reaction when a person comes under pressure or threat, as expression of sudden surge of hormone adrenaline. Prolong stress is found to exert physically, emotionally and mentally negative expression in various aspects, including sleep disturbance, digestive disorders,....

In a feasibility study explored engagement and effectiveness of a systematic 10-week yoga program aimed at university faculty, staff, and students, individual, researchers found that group attended yoga class displayed a significant improvement in cope with perceived stress and psychological, behavioral, and physical symptoms of stress, after 10 weeks.

Dr. Brems C, the researcher said, " The study demonstrates feasibility of a yoga intervention in an academic setting and provides preliminary evidence for efficacy in stress reduction."

Furthermore, according to the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System, yoga learners not only benefits from stress reduction but also experience the decreased anxiety and improved sleep and improved quality of life.

According to yoga instructors, there are many ways in yoga poses in reduced stress cause of negative outcomes.

1. Yoga in relax the body
By relax your body, yoga created a state calm, thus reducing tension caused by the stress event
2. Yoga for your mind
The emptiness stage of your mind provided you time and a clear mind to rethink the stress event in positive ways.
3. Yoga breathing 
The slow and peaceful breathing in yoga reduced tension caused by stressful event and creates a control of psychophysiological states of relaxation
4. Connection between mind and body
By creating the stage of harmonization in the mind and body, yoga lead us to the stage existed in the present moment and connected mindful, conscious and connected way in solving stress.

In a pilot study, nine nurses participated in 6 weekly sessions of yoga nidra to measure of sleep, stress, and muscle fatigue in psychiatric nurses, researchers found that 6 weekly sessions of yoga nidra results in positive perception of stress level and muscle fatigue.

Yoga nidra is s form of yoga, using deep relaxation and meditation to create a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the "going-to-sleep" stage with an aim to improved patients sleep.

Additionally, yoga also demonstrated a positive effect in alleviated stress during pregnancy, according to the The University of Tokyo study.

In recruited 60 healthy primiparas without complications, attended yoga classes twice a month and to practice yoga at their homes using DVD 3 times a week from 20 gestational weeks until childbirth, measurement of hormone and alpha-amylase concentrations related to stress showed to decrease significantly with increased scores of vigor for a positive dimension of mood.

High levels of alpha-amylase concentrations is highly associated to psychosocial stress. and
salivary alpha-amylase activity is often considered as surrogate markers of sympathetic activation in response to stress.

Therefore, participated in yoga class may be a potential source in reduced risk of mental disorders  and enhanced fetal growth in pregnant women, as well as promoting stress alleviation in healthy adults

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