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Food Therapy: Filtered Coffee in Reduced Risk and Treatment of Hyperlipidemia Selectively

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Intake of coffee and coffee caffeine daily and regularly may gave a profound effect in reduced risk  and treatment of hyperlipidemia, a renowned institute study suggested.

Hyperlipidemia is a condition of abnormal high blood cholesterol in the blood stream, leading to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Coffee, a popular and social beverage all over the world, particularly in the West, is a drink made from roasted bean from the Coffea plant, native to tropical Africa and Madagascar.

In study of a total of 40 male hamsters randomly assigned to five groups: (1) vehicle control, (2) high-cholesterol diet control, (3) high-cholesterol diet of 311 mg/kg/d of CCGG, (4) high-cholesterol diet of 622 mg/kg/d of CCGG and (5) high-cholesterol diet of 1555 mg/kg/d of CCGG, researchers found that group treated  with CCGG demonstrated a significantly reduced serum lipid content (triglycerides, total cholesterol and LDL-C) and hepatic lipid content (triglycerides and cholesterol) with dose-dependent manner in compared to other treated groups.

Additionally, researchers also found that CCGG treatment group expressed an increase in excretion of faecal lipids (bile acids) in compared to other groups.

Dietary CCGG supplementation exerted potential effects on ameliorating hyperlipidaemia may be attributed to coffee petrochemicals in inhibited pro inflammatory cytokins expression, researchers continued.

Contrastively, in review of literature from several English and Chinese electronic databases up to September 2011 for randomized controlled trials of coffee on serum lipids, including 12 studies conducted in Western countries with a total of 1017 subjects, researchers at the Peking University Health Science Center postulated that drinking coffee for 45 days, the average in all meta-analysis showed an increase of 8.1 mg/dl for total cholesterol (TC), 5.4 mg/dl  for low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) and 12.6 mg/dl  for triglyceride (TG), in dose depending manner.

Total cholesterol increased even greater in unfiltered coffee and caffeinated coffee in compared to coffee group.

Surprisingly, in Asian population, coffee and coffee caffeine intake daily and regularly demonstrated a positive effect in increased TC, LDL-C and TG, in compared to the Western counter part.

In tackle these conflict results, we examined a Medline search of the English-language literature published prior to December 1998, with identified 14 published trials of coffee consumption and suggested that coffee intake in association to increase serum lipids was greater in studies of patients with precondition of hyperlipidemia in compared to trials of caffeinated or boiled coffee. And there is an insignificantly increased serum cholesterol in trials using filtered coffee.

With all the finding evidences, we finally suggested that only consumption of unfiltered coffee increases serum levels of total and LDL cholesterol but not others.

Taking together, intake of filtered coffee and coffee caffeine may have a positive effect in reduced risk and treatment of hyperlipidemia. People in Asian group should be aware that intake of coffee may contribute to risk of hyperlipidemia as shown in some Asian particioant studies.

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