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Food Therapy: Beet or Beet Root, The Best Anti Inflammatory Functional Food

Kyle J. Norton

Beet may be one of function food, having an anti inflammatory potential in reduced pain in damage tissues or local infection.

Inflammation is a natural reaction of immune system in protection of our body during tissues damage, injure and infection

Beet, best known as the beetroot or garden beet and belonging to the amaranth family, is a perennial plant with leafy stems growing to 1–2 m tall.

According to the Meerut Institute of Engineering & Technology, in carrageenan induced paw oedema method for acute inflammation and cotton pellet granuloma for chronic inflammation in rat model, injected aqueous extract of leaves of Beta vulgaris exhibited anti-inflammatory effects at dose level of 1000 mg/kg in comparison to those of indomethacin, a group of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (10 mg/kg).

Also in carrageenan (100 µg/paw)-induced paw edema and neutrophil migration to the paw skin tissues.treatment with betalain (100 mg/kg, i.p.) significantly inhibited the expression of paw edema. caused by carrageenan, a common food additive and complete Freund's adjuvant (10 µl/paw) used in animal experiment to induce infection.

Neutrophils are white blood cells formed an important role in defense against infection and inflamamtion caused by injure and microorganisms invasion and neutrophil migration is a rapid movement of white blood cells to the location of infection or inflammation.

According to the study, the anti inflammatory effect of aqueous extract of leaves of Beta vulgaris probably was attributed to phytochemicals found in the extract such as flavonoids, carbohydrates, pentose, amino acids, saponins, tannins and steroid in promoted and increased movement of plasma and leukocytes from the blood into the injured tissues to counteract the invasion of foreign substances and disease.and exhibited the release of histamine in generation of mass and white blood cells and serotonin induced platelets binding to a clot, then ameliorating inflammation through regulation of inflammatory mediators including leukotrienes and prostaglandins,

Please note that
1. Hhormone prostaglandins play a key role in the generation of the inflammatory response and stimulation of constriction and clotting of platelets.
2. Leukotrienes (LTs) is a family of lipid and inflammatory mediators with a function in response to pathogenesis of inflammation

The study emphasized that in compared to a group of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, aqueous extract of leaves of Beta vulgaris at specific dose exhibited a stronger and higher inhibition of acute inflammation induced by prostaglandin synthesis, including the inflammatory response to diverse stimuli in induced temporary increase of physiological activity.
Further analysis also suggested that in chronic inflammatory diseases induced by cotton pellet granuloma, such as arthritis, aqueous extract of leaves of Beta vulgaris although less effective than the conventional drug of indomethacin, had a profound effect in reduced symptoms and prevented inflammatory process of cells at the site of inflammation by healing of the tissue through the initiated cells shift to induced apoptosis.

In other words, aqueous extract of leaves of Beta vulgaris ameliorated risk of  chronic inflammation by healing the affected tissue, thus preventing cell being damage caused by prolonged inflammation.

Furthermore, application of betalain (100 mg/kg), isolated from beet root also suppressed free radical production and inflammatory activity through enhanced antioxidant activity and inhibited the over expression of proinflammatory proteins such as

TNF-α, a tumor necrosis factor, a protein with function in regulated the production of inflammatory cytokins in the acute phase of invasion by foreign substances, and nterleukin (IL)-1β has a duo functions in activated either pro-inflammatory cytokine or anti-inflammatory myokines.and promoted
 IL-10 expression in production of anti-inflammatory cytokine

In healthy adult, with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), betanin, the major component of beet (Beta vulgaris var. rubra) also demonstrated a significant anti inflammatory property in modulated reactive oxygen species (ROS) production and oxidative stress cause of DNA damage as well as increasing apoptosis in neutrophils by analyzing the blood samples of tested subjects.

Dr. Zielińska-Przyjemska M the lead author said, "Betanin treatment at the concentration of 100 μM for 24 h increased DNA damage assessed by comet assay in IBD patients' neutrophils. A similar effect although less pronounced was observed in Caco-2 cells(colon cancer cell line)".

The finding evidences suggested that beet with plenty phytochemicals, may have a therapeutic potential to be utilized in the treatment of inflammation-associated diseases.

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Some articles have been used as references in medical research, such as international journal Pharma and Bio science, ISSN 0975-6299.

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