Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Food Therapy: Coffee and Coffee caffeine in reduced Risk of Colon Cancer

By Kyle J. Norton

Good news for coffee drinkers, coffee consumption regularly is associated to reduced risk of colon cancer, a renowned institute study suggested.

Coffee, becoming a popular and social beverage all over the world, particularly in the West, is a drink made from roasted bean from the Coffea plant, native to tropical Africa and Madagascar.

Colon Cancer is a disease characterized by irregular cell growth in the colon, with tendency in spreading to distant parts of the body, depending to the stage.

According to the Federico II University of Naples, the efficacy of coffee consumption in attenuated risk of colon may be attributed to its bioactive components, such as polyphenols, melanoidins, carbohydrates, diterpenes,....

Dr. Vitaglione P, the lead author said, " ...metabolism and composition, both coffee chlorogenic acids and dietary fiber, including melanoidins, may reduce CRC risk, increasing colon motility and antioxidant status".

However, these phytochamicals found in coffee may be different depending the amount and type of compounds ingested with the beverage, variety of coffee used, the roasting degree, the type of brewing method as well as the serving size.

Additionally, in the investigated the protective action of coffee against Caco-2 human coloncarcinoma cells. researchers filed the following results
1. Even with low concentrations, coffee (<5%) inhibited proliferation of Caco-2 cells without affecting normal cell viability.
2. . Increasing the duration of coffee bean roasting showed a significant in reduction mutative risk of in gene KRAS expression.
3 Coffee reduced risk colon cancer through suppressed miR-30c and miR-96, in promoted cell proliferation, migration and invasion and enhanced tumor growth.

Interestingly, in  the examine of the association between coffee consumption and CRC risk as well as risk by anatomic subsite among Japanese, using data from the Hospital-based Epidemiological Research Program at Aichi CancerCenter I and II (HERPACC-I and II) with subjects enrolled in HERPACC-I between 1988 and 2000 and in HERPACC-II between 2001 and 2005, scientists found that  returned self-administered questionnaire from participants, coffee consumption in reduced risk of colon cancer is associated to numbers of cup intake daily, in compared to non-drinker.

The relative odd ration of less than 1 cup/day, 1-2 cups/day and 3 or more cups/day for CRC were 0.88, 0.90 and 0.78 respectively.

Dr. Senda Nakagawa H, the lead author said, " Subsite-specific analysis revealed a significant inverse linear trend between coffee consumption and distal colon cancer (p-trend = 0.048), and a tendency toward a lower risk of rectal cancer (p-trend = 0.068)".

The finding evidences suggested that coffee and coffee caffeine may have a profound effect in reduced risk of cancer linearly.

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Some articles have been used as references in medical research, such as international journal Pharma and Bio science, ISSN 0975-6299.

(1) Coffee, colon function and colorectal cancer by Vitaglione P1, Fogliano V, Pellegrini N.(PubMed)
(2) Coffee reduces KRAS expression in Caco-2 human colon carcinoma cells via regulation of miRNAs by Nakayama T1, Funakoshi-Tago M1, Tamura H1.(PubMed)

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