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Anti ageing Tips: How to L00k 10 to 20 years younger than people in the Same age group

By Kyle J. Norton
Health article writer and researcher; Over 10.000 articles and research papers have been written and published on line, including world wide health, ezine articles, article base, healthblogs, selfgrowth, best before it's news, the karate GB daily, The Alan Hopkinson Daily, etc,.
Named 50 of the best health Tweeters Canada - Huffington Post
Nominated for shorty award over last 4 years
Some articles have been used as references in medical research, such as international journal pharma and Bio science, ISSN 0975-6299. All right reserved 

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Who doesn't want to look  5, 10,15 or 20 years younger in comparison to people with the same age group?

The dream of finding the ingredients in rejuvenated aging skin has been ongoing since human civilization. Unfortunately, many ingredients with no commercial values have been discarded due to their effects in dampening the profits of all cosmetic companies.

Don't ask me about commercial anti-aging products. Most of them are produced for making profits and do not perform as theirs' claims. Truly, if one found to be effective, it will constitute to shelf-removal of many others with the same intention. Unfortunately, walking through the cosmetic section of health stores and super markets, thousands of these products are still  packed on the shelves. How effective they are? You know the answer.
The below tips have been proven through our clinical studies of over 400 subjects between age of 57 - 63. If you are in this age, you can expect the same results(a)(b)(c).
If you have any questions of these Publications, email me at

1. Tips 1:  
Black and white heads are the result of a skin pore becoming clogged with sebum from the body's natural oil and becoming black heads if oxidized.  
 Tips for an Easy way to get rid of Black & white heads & Re smooth the effect areas

2. Tips 2: 
Fine line is a result of effect of gravity in aging, and causes of slower process in cell rejuvenation and longer in elastic fibers replacement. Some researchers insisted that adding to the aging skin, free radicals and inflammatory molecules may degrade facial skin even quicker. 
Clinical proven in Reduced Visibility of Forehead Fine Lines up to 100%

3. Tips 3:
Liver spot or aging spot is a condition of brown or black spots appearing on the surface of the skin due to aging as the the skin is less able to regenerate from sun exposure.
Tips for an Easy way to get rid of Liver or Aging spots and re smooth facial skin

4. Tips 4:
As the aging progress, the thin skin on your neck loses elasticity and sagging(Your neck is the first place aging shows up), it is a result of the loss of collagen, as well as sun damage and a natural loss of moisture. Some researcher suggested that adding to the ageing process of neck cell, gravity also lays an important role in influence of wrinkles.
Clinical Proven to Rejuvenate Your Aging Neck the Easy way

5. Tips 5:
Most people know acne is caused by dirt in oily skin pores, but little is known that acne is also caused by the system of toxins in the body. If our liver and kidney can not cleanse all toxins in the body, then our skin become the third source for cleansing the remainder of toxins. It is the internal causes of acne.
 Clinical proven in getting rid of Acnes & Acne Scars and re smooth Your facial skin

6. Tips 6:
Wrinkles are also associated with aging, hormonal status, smoking, and intercurrent disease according to the study by the University of California-San Francisco(a). Some researchers suggested that vitamin C may play an important role in collagen production due to its antioxidant properties(a). Another study indicated a positive anti-wrinkle effect through consumption of a mixture of soy isoflavones, lycopene, vitamin C, vitamin E, and fish oil(a).
Anti Ageing Tips(6): Clinical proven in Reduced Visibility of Eye Wrinkles up to 100%

7. Tips 7
Aging eye bags are the result of gravity, and the weaken ligament and muscle which connect the fat of the face together due to loss of collagen. The sagging and eye bags wrinkle can be firmed removed, accordingly and effectively, according.our study(a).
Anti Ageing Tips(7): Clinical proven in Firming your Aging Eye bags and reduced Visibility of eye bags circle

8. Tips 8
Skin pigmentation disorder is a result of damage most likely caused by UV sunlight, or unhealthy cells due to aging affecting the production of melanin.
Anti Ageing Tips(8): Clinical proven in getting rid of Photo pigments and re smoothing Your facial skin

9. Tips 9:
Fine line is a result of effect of gravity in aging, and causes of slower process in cell rejuvenation and longer in elastic fibers replacement. Some researchers insisted that adding to the aging skin, free radicals and inflammatory molecules may degrade facial skin even quicker.
Anti Ageing Tips(9): Clinical proven in Reduced Visibility of Nosy Fine Lines up to 90%

10. Tips 10:
According to Dr. Rhoda Narins, MD, professor of dermatology at the NYU School of Medicine, your hands are one of the first places where we see the signs of aging, and also the area most people neglect when it comes to skin care. According to WebMD,, The Like rings in a tree trunk, lines, creases, dark spots, and bulging veins on the back of your hands are the sneaky little tattletales that give away your age!(4).
Anti Ageing Tips(10): Clinical proven in Regain Youthfulness of Your Hand

Tips 11:
Anti Ageing Tips(11):
Clinical proven in Rejuvenating of Your Arms(From Shoulder to Wrist)

Tips 12: 
Skin sagging is a result of a loss of collagen and elastin of the skin due to aging in combination with the dreaded pull of gravity.
Antiageing Tips 12: Everyone can achieve 100% in re firming, re smoothing and Increased elasticity of Facial skin
13. Tips 13:
"Will muscles turn into fat if we stop exercising"? that is a myth. Indeed, there are no biological connection between them. Daven Hiskey in Today I found out insisted "after a person quits exercising, the muscle cells aren’t going away and somehow managing to morph into fat cells; rather, they are simply shrinking". Yes, the aging process induces the shrinking of our muscle tone if we stop exercising, causing fat accumulation and sagging skin in our body.
Antiaging Tips 13: How to reduce fat and strengthen 100% of your Muscles Without exercising effectively

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