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Herbal Anise, The Herbal Remedy Which Protects Our Body Against Viral Infectious Diseases

By Kyle J. Norton

Herbal Anise may be the next potential target to identify the single ingredient medicine for the treatment of viral infection, some scientists suggested.

Infection is a condition caused the invasion of stimuli and micro pathogens, including the viral infection.

Viral infection is a disease caused by the successful entering and multiplying of a virus in the body.

Anti-viral effects is an act of certain substances to cause the destruction of a virus.

In the acute phase of viral infection, depending on the types of virus, the viruses after entering the body start to attack the specific host cells. The cold and flu virus will attack the cells in the respiratory system and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which causes AIDS, will attack the white blood cells of the immune system,

The viral infection o\has been known to carry over some different stage, after successfully attaching to the host cell, the virus to release its mRNA into the host cell, leading to the recruit of the host cell's enzymes to accelerate the viral multiplying, then breaking free from the host cell to start the cycle all over again.

The white blood cells in the systematic immune response in the acute phase of infection stimulate the production of the proinflammatory cytokines to the site of infection with an aim to protect our body by killing off the invaders.

The battle between the immune white blood cell and viral invaders in most cases an in the flavor of the side of the immune system, the invaders are killed and the infection is healed.

However, if the immune system can not kill off the invaders with 3 - 8 weeks, it then will adapt to the change, leading chronic inflammatory and infectious diseases.

Anise is a flowering plant of the species of Pimpinella anisum, genus Pimpinella, belonging to the family Apiaceae native to Egypt and the Mediterranean region.

The popular herb has been used in traditional herbal medicine as a fragrance in soaps, oils, and mouth fresheners and stomachic, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, carminative, digestive, expectorant, stimulant, and tonic agent to treat head-lice and mites, increase blood pressure, prevent formation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract and menstrual cramps, etc.

Besides the main ingredient Anethole, herbal Anise also contains, D-pinene, I-phellandrene, Alpha-terpineol, Safrol, Methyl chavicol, Resin, Shikimic acid, etc.

In the finding a natural antiviral ingredient or whole without inducing any side effects, researchers examined 3 antiviral and immunostimulating substances (LC1, LC2 and LC3) isolated from a hot water extract of seeds of Pimpinella anisum (herbal Anise).
The isolated substances were found to significantly anti antiviral activities against herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2 (HSV-1 and -2), human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) and measles virus.

Application of LCs interfered with virus adsorption to the host cell surface and directly inactivate viruses.

The result indicated that the isolated compound protected the cell membrane against the penetration of the virus in the initiation of the first phase of infection.

Furthermore, injection of LCs also prevents the overexpression of protein associated with macrophages infected. In other words, PCs protects the white blood cells associated with the first line of the immune response against the viral invasion.

The results also inhibited the overproduction of the inflammatory cytokines in the acute phase of infection.

Dr. Lee JB, the lead author said, " lignin-carbohydrate-protein complexes from P. anisum possessed potency as functional food ingredients against infectious diseases".

Moreover, the University of Heidelberg investigated the effect of anise oil, dwarf-pine oil and chamomile oil against different thymidine-kinase-positive (aciclovir-sensitive) and thymidine-kinase-negative (aciclovir-resistant) herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) strains also suggested that essential oil from herbal Anise displays a strong effect against tested viruses.

At maximum noncytotoxic concentrations of the Anise essential oils, significantly reduced the plaque formation by 96.6-99.9% when herpesviruses were preincubated with drugs before attachment to host cells.

Adding essential oil during the replication phase completely wiped out the possibility of viral infectivity.

Compared to the conventional medicine aciclovir, which is effective after attachment inside the infected cells, anise oil affected the virus by interrupting adsorption of herpesviruses and in a different manner.

The findings suggested that herbal Anise essential oils are capable of exerting a direct effect on HSV and might be useful in the treatment of drug-resistant viruses.

Taken all together, herbal anise may be considered a functional herb for the prevention and an adjunct therapy combined with primary medicine for diseases associated with viral infection.

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