Thursday, 2 January 2014

Screening and Interventions for Overweight and Obesity in Adults

In the study to examine the evidence of the benefits and harms of screening and earlier treatment in reducing morbidity and mortality from overweight and obesity, showed that Screening with BMI would detect a large percentage of adults who are obese or overweight. Limited evidence suggests that counseling interventions may promote modest weight loss in the overweight (BMI 25–29.9). Effective treatments for people with BMI >30 include intensive counseling and behavioral interventions for lifestyle change, and pharmacotherapy. Surgery is effective in reducing weight for people with BMI of 35 or greater. Adverse effects include increased blood pressure and gastrointestinal distress with drugs and a small percentage of serious side effects with surgery(1).

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(1) "Screening and Interventions for Overweight and Obesity in Adults [Internet]" by McTigue K, Harris R, Hemphill MB, Bunton AJ, Lux LJ, Sutton S, Lohr KN.

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