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Herbal Aloe vera and lung cancer

Aloe Vera is species of succulent plant in the genus Aloe, belonging to the Family Xanthorrhoeaceae, native to Sudan. It has become very popular for commercial cultivation due to its health benefits. Aloe vera has been used in herbal medicine in treating many kinds of disease, including wound, burn healing, minor skin infections, sebaceous cysts, diabetes, and elevated of cholesterol, etc. It is also one of many popular herb studied in scientific ways with some conflicted results.
Lung cancer is defined as a condition of the abnormal growth of the cells in the lung's tissue. Most common form of primary lung cancers are derived from epithelial cells. In Us, Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths, causing 158,683 people deaths, including 88,329 men and 70,354 women, according to 2007 statistic.
The Ingredients
The main areas of chemical constituents of Aloe vera include: Aloe-Emodin, amino acids, anthraquinones, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, lignins, monosaccharide, polysaccharides, salicylic acid, saponins, and sterols.

The benefits
Aloe-emodin has been studied extensively through our scientific community for their effects against cancer including the study of induced apoptosis in lung carcinoma cell lines CH27 (human lung squamous carcinoma cell)  by breaking of DNA strands (DNA ladders and sub-G(1) formation) and regulating of the expression of Bcl-2 family proteins (a suppressor of apoptosis). In the study of the effects of aloe-emodin-induced cell death in the human lung nonsmall cell carcinoma cell line H460,  aloe-emodin involved the regulating apoptotic cell death through the a class of mitogen-activated protein kinases(p38). These results suggested that aloe-amodin found in ALOE VERA may be a potential agent for preventing and treating lung cancer.

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The Side effects
 People with gallbladder disease may want to consult with their doctor before using because of the herb stimulating gallbladder contraction effect.

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