Thursday, 9 January 2014

Phytochemical Tartaric acid enhances intestinal absorption

 Phytochemicals, the natural chemical constituent, protect the plants against diseases and form their outer's color. Phytochemicals may be next potential sources of new medicine for treatment of diseases with little or no side effects.
Tartaric acid is a phytichemicasl of the organic acid found abundantly in nuts, apricots, apples, sunflower, avocado, grapes, etc.

In the study of the effects of D-tartaric acid (TA) on intestinal drug absorption in rat moldel, showed a significantly increase of the intestinal absorption of P-glycoprotein (P-gp), a class of conjugated proteins. rhodamine 123 and daunorubicin. Other in the study of  starch preparations analysed for their resistance to enzymatic digestion in vitro with the presence of inorganic (hydrochloric) and organic (citric and tartaric) acids under controlled conditions. Tannic acid showed a significantly stronger influence on starch hydrolysis than citric acid.

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