Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Food Therapy: Dried Peas in Weight Loss and Weight Control

Kyle J. Norton

Dried peas may be considered as a functional food in promote weight loss in overweight and obese population, a renowned institute study postulated.

Dried pea is a small but nutritionally mighty member of the legume family, genus Pisum belongings to the family Fabaceae with healthy source of proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals.

In the study to assess the effects of yellow pea fiber intake on body composition and metabolic markers in overweight/obese adults with all participants (9 M/41 F; age 44 ± 15 y, BMI 32.9 ± 5.9 kg/m2) received isocaloric doses of placebo (PL) or pea fiber (PF; 15 g/d) wafers for 12 weeks, researchers after measuring changes in anthropometrics, body composition (DXA), oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT), food intake (ad libitum lunch buffet), and biochemical indices filed the following results
1. Group received peas fiber diet showed a significant weight loss of 0.87 ± 0.37 kg of body weight, primary due to body fat lost.
2. The same group consumed 16% less energy at the follow-up lunch buffet in compared to unchange in other groups.
3. Increased insulin and lower glucose expression are also observed in peas fiber group.
4. There are no  differences in gut microbiota in all groups.

These findings indicated that intake of peas fiber may have strong effect in increased weight loss, through improvement of insulin and glucose and reduced appetite in overweight and obese subjects.

In support of the above differentiation, a double blind, placebo controlled, parallel group study with overweight and obese (BMI = 25-38) adults randomized to either a 15 g/d yellow pea fibre supplemented group or isocaloric placebo group for 12 weeks (n = 30/group), researchers at the University of Calgary, reported the following results
1. Increased consumption of fiber derived from yellow peas enhanced weight loss and specifically body fat loss in compared to control
2. Pea fiber expressed a significant in improved glucose tolerance, reduced appetite and serum lipids and inflammatory markers.
3. Intake of peas fibers also promoted function of gut microbiota and serum and fecal water metabolites

In other words, peas fiber displayed a strong effect in promoted weight loss in overweight and obese subjects through regulating glucose tolerance, appetite and serum lipids and inflammatory markers as well as increasing function of gut microbiota.

Taking altogether, there is no doubt that peas fiber may be served as functional food to provide healthy and balanced in macronutrient proportions for people who want to lose weight without implication of unwanted side effects.

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