Monday, 23 October 2017

Food Therapy: Coffee In Reduced risk of Acute Pancreatitis

By Kyle J. Norton

Intake of coffee and coffee caffeine daily and regularly may have a potential positively in reduced risk and treatment of pancreatitis, a Swede study suggested.

Coffee, a popular and social beverage all over the world, particular in the West, is a drink made from roast bean from the Coffea plant, native to tropical Africa and Madagascar.

Pancreatitis is the inflammation of the pancreas. In most cases, the disease will go away without notice but  in serve cases, it may cause some complications.

In the examine data obtained from two prospective cohorts, the Cohort of Swedish Men and the Swedish Mammography Cohort, including 76 731 men and women (born 1914-1952) with assessment at baseline with a FFQ, and followed up between 1998 and 2012 via linkage to national health registries, researchers filed the following important results
1.During 1 035 881 person-years of total follow-up, there were 383 cases (246 in men and 137 in women) of incident non-gallstone-related acute pancreatitis out of 76 731 particioants.
2. Coffee intake regardless amounts was not associated to risk of non-gallstone-related acute pancreatitis.

The findings demonstrated only non risk of pancreatitis prevalence in coffee consumption without giving further detail of other aspects.

Further discussion of coffee intake in risk of pancreatitis, researchers at the joint study led by the University of Southern California described that dietary form an essential role in prevent or exhibition of pancreatitis. but coffee was one the beverage with protective effect in ameliorated risk of acute pancreatitis,

In the Multiethnic Cohort (age at baseline, 45-75 y) study with cases of pancreatitis identified using hospitalization claim files from 1993 through 2012 and categorized as having gallstone-related acute pancreatitis (AP) (n = 1210), AP not related to gallstones (n = 1222), or recurrent AP or suspected chronic pancreatitis (n = 378), out of many dietary products used in the study, coffee consumption scored a outstanding effect in reduced incidence of acute pancreatitis.

Further to support the efficacy of coffee in attenuated risk of AP, researchers at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, filed the below report after study of 129,000 prepaid health plan members with supplied data about demographics and habits in 1978-85 and 439 persons in this group subsequently hospitalized for pancreatitis,
1. Coffee intake showed a moderated effect in reduced risk of acute pancreatitis,
2. The relative risk of per cup per day coffee intake was 0.85 in compared to baseline
3. Risk of AP reduced linearly for numbers of cup intake daily
4. In compared to female with the additional factors, risk of AP was higher in male participants group.

Taking together, there is no doubt that coffee consumption may have a profound effect in reduced risk of acute pancreatitis probably through phytochemicals in coffee antioxidant and anti inflammatory activities. But further study are needed to confirm this findings.

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Author Biography
Kyle J. Norton, Master of Nutrients
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Some articles have been used as references in medical research, such as international journal Pharma and Bio science, ISSN 0975-6299.

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(2) Dietary Factors Reduce Risk of Acute Pancreatitis in a Large Multiethnic Cohort by Setiawan VW1, Pandol SJ2, Porcel J3, Wei PC4, Wilkens LR5, Le Marchand L5, Pike MC6, Monroe KR4.(PubMed)

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