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Food Therapy: Coffee Caffeine in Increased Alertness and Rapid Reaction in Healthy Individuals

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In compared to herbal medicine, food therapy even takes longer to ease symptoms, depending to stages of the treatment which directly address to the cause of disease.

Intake of coffee caffeine may have a potential effect in enhance alertness and rapid reaction, a renowned institute study suggested

Coffee, second to tea, is a popular and social beverage all over the world, particular in the West,  made from roasted bean from the Coffea plant, native to tropical Africa and Madagascar.

In a randomized, double-blind, parallel groups design to rate anxiety, alertness, and headache before and after 100 mg caffeine and again after another 150 mg caffeine given 90 min later, or after placebo on both occasions, researchers indicated that caffeine intake expressed a clean effect in elevated alertness in compared to placebo.

Further differentiation also found that caffeine did not increase alertness in low caffeine intake participants, and non caffeine administrated to medium and high intake groups displayed a reduced alertness effect and caffeine abstinence reduced alertness and consumption in compared to baseline.

Other, in the study of 30 healthy volunteers received equal volume drinks equivalent to either 1 or 2 cups of tea (containing 37.5 mg or 75 mg caffeine), or coffee (75 mg or 150 mg caffeine), or water, in a randomised five-way crossover design with drinks administered on four occasions during the day (0900, 1300, 1700 and 2300 hours), researchers found that there were no difference in all group in expression of alertness, but following the second beverage caffeinated coffee at 75 mg, there was a significantly improved reaction time (P<0.05), in compared to tea at the same dose and placebo.

Dr. Hindmarch I, the lead author said, " ingestion of caffeinated beverages may maintain aspects of cognitive and psychomotor performance throughout the day and evening when caffeinated beverages are administered repeatedly" and "This study also demonstrates that day-long tea consumption produces similar alerting effects to coffee, despite lower caffeine levels".

More importantly, in a total of 19 healthy volunteers ingested 400 ml black tea, coffee, caffeinated water, decaffeinated tea or plain water on three occasions through the day (0900, 1400 and 1900 hours), researchers filed the following reports
1. Caffeine ingestion was associated with a rapid (10 min) and persistent improvement of alertness and again independent of time of day, but did not acutely alter CFF threshold.
2. In compared to caffeine consumed group, water and decaffeinated group expressed steady decline in alertness (LARS) and cognitive capacity over the whole day.
3. Tea and coffee were similar on all measures, including alertness
4. Tea and coffee ingestion was associated with rapid increases in alertness and information processing capacity if tea was drinking throughout the day, in compared to other groups.

Taking altogether, there is no doubt that coffee intake have a enormous and profound effect in improved alertness and rapid reaction if drinking throughout the day, but reduced intake or adsence of coffee caffeine may cause the opposite effect.

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