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Alternative Therapy: Yoga in Prevention and Treatment of Eating Disorders

Kyle J. Norton 

Yoga may be considered as an adjunct therapy combined with standard treatment for lower risk and treatment of eating disorders (EDs), a review study suggested.

Eating Disorders are a group of abnormal eating habits associated to a person preoccupation weight, involving either insufficient or excessive food intake.

Yoga therapy is an ancient practical technique of India, included breath control, meditation, bodily movement and gesture,..... with an aim to achieve harmonization of the body, mind, and spirit.

In a systematic review literature used yoga for preventing and treating EDs with selection of 14 articles satisfied the guidelines, researchers found that most yoga practitioners indicated a decreased risk for eating disorder but symptoms were reduced or unchanged after yoga interventions.

Other, in the assessment of the effect of individualized yoga treatment on eating disorder outcomes among adolescents receiving outpatient care for diagnosed eating disorders (anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, eating disorder not otherwise specified) of 50 girls and 4 boys aged 11-21 years randomized to an 8-week trial of standard care vs. individualized yoga plus standard care, researchers filed the following results
1. Yoga participants demonstrated greater decreases in eating disorder symptoms, according to Eating Disorder Examination(EDE)
2. Both groups maintained current BMI levels and decreased in anxiety and depression over time.
3. Eating Disorder Examination(EDE) was back to baseline after the 12 week lessons.

Dr. Carei TR, the led author said, "Individualized yoga treatment decreased EDE scores at 12 weeks, and significantly reduced food preoccupation immediately after yoga sessions". In other words, long term yoga participation may be more effective in treatment of eating disorder.

Additionally, in the testing the effective of yoga in decreasing risk factors, and increasing protective factors, for eating disorders, even with inconsistent results across studies researchers found that
1. Yoga lesson was a low cost treatment program
2. Yoga may offer promise for the field of eating disorders, including
* Eating disorder prevention can be integrated into ongoing yoga classes
* Yoga can be integrated into eating disorder prevention program with patients already in standard care

Dr. Neumark-Sztainer D said, "Regarding treatment, it is important to examine the effectiveness of different teaching styles and practices for different eating disorders".

Taking altogether, there is no doubt that yoga as low cost program may have a profound and positive effect in reduced risk and treatment of eating disorder. Unfortunately, most studies observed have weaknesses in their designs (e.g. observational design, no control groups, or small sample sizes) and not consistent across studies, further studies, using stronger study designs, such as randomised, controlled trials, are needed.

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