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Food Therapy: Coffee and Coffee caffeine in Risk of Psoriasis?

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Epidemiological studies, linking intake of coffee in related to risk of psoriasis have been inconclusive and contradictory.
Coffee, a popular and social beverage all over the world, particular in the West, is a drink made from roasted bean from the Coffea plant, native to tropical Africa and Madagascar.

Psoriasis is a condition of skin disease caused by autoimmunity with symptoms of red, itchy, scaly patches.

According to the Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, eventhough coffee consumption have linked to reduced risk of skin disease, but coffee intake showed no significant association to risk of psoriasis.

In the study of 43 patients with various forms of psoriasis (excluding pustular and erythrodermic psoriasis)selected and answered a questionnaire about their eating habits in the first visit, with special attention to the consumption of several products, researchers found that intake of coffee accompanied with black tea, chocolate, yerba mate, pepper,... showed reduced scaling and erythema, milder outbreaks during the year and improved quality of life in 88% of patients.

Unfortunately, 11.63% (5 patients) did not notice any effects on the skin

These result demonstrated that beside receiving proper scientific advice, education of patients in chosen of better eating habits and suspended use of alcoholic drinks and tobacco.are necessary for improvement quality of life, in injunction with use of medicine therapy.

Dr. Festugato M said," Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory systemic disease,....(and) As a systemic disease, which shares the same pathophysiological substrate with other comorbidities, diet also leads to worsening of comorbidities".

Other in the study of a total of 82 539 participants free of psoriasis in 1991 included from the Nurses' Health Study (NHS) II7 and observed until 2005, with incidence of psoriasis ascertained by self-report on questionnaires in inquired about the clinician-diagnosed psoriasis and the date of diagnosis, researchers after analyzed the returned questionnaires showed that
1. Risk of psoriasis are moderately elevated with increasing coffee consumption in the age-adjusted model.
2. Intake of decaffeinated coffee implied no insignificant risk of psoriasis
3. Risk of psoriasis increased linearly was also observed with higher caffeine intake in the age-adjusted model.

But after adjusting to smoking status, researchers indicated that The association became null after adjustment for smoking.

Dr. Wenqing Li, the led author said, "Smoking appears to be the major confounder underlying the observed significant association between coffee and caffeine intake and risk of psoriasis in age-adjusted models".

Taking altogether, there is no doubt, coffee and coffee caffeine do not have any implication in elevated risk of psoriasis excepted long term smokers.

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