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Food Therapy: Black Bean, A Potent Functional Food In Reduced Risk of Cancers

By Kyle J. Norton

People who turn to alternative medicine for treatment of disease in avoidance of adverse effects induced by conventional medicine should be patient. In compared to herbal medicine; food therapy even takes longer than six months to ease symptoms, depending to stages of the treatment which directly address to the cause of disease.

Intake of black(common) bean and other common bean may associate to reduced  risk and treatment of various type of cancers, a study of renowned institute study suggested.

Cancer is a class of chronic condition characterized by the irregular cell growth in the body organs. Sometime, the cancer cells can spread to other tissues or organs depending to stages of cancer..

Black bean, a small roughly ovoid legume with glossy black shells, genus Phaseolus, belongings to the family Fabaceae can be bought in most grocery stores all around the year in dried and canned forms. It is believed that black bean was first domesticated growth in South America.

Fermentation product of soybean, black bean, and green bean mixture (BN999), showed a significant effect in inhibited the growth of human breast cancer AU565 cells and prostate adenocarcinoma PC-3 cells without harming the normal human cells.

The study also found that in syngenic BALB/c mice, the mixture(BN999) inhibited the growth of mouse CT-26 colon cancer xenografts, without causing adverse effects.

Further more, BN999, also induced cancer cell death in other mechanisms, such as activated the protein gene involved pro cancer cell apoptosis via cell mediatory activities, including a network of membranous anatomical structure and double membrane-bound energy conversion.

Additionally, according the joint study lead by the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, the efficacy of common bean in attenuated cancer risk factors as shown in animal models and  in cell cultures. may also be attributed to other parameters of non-digested compounds like fiber, phenolics, peptides and phytochemicals.

In fact, black (common) bean whole and non-digestible fraction also exhibited anti-proliferative activity and induced apoptosis in vitro and in vivo against colon cancer.

Dr. Rocio Campos-Vega lead author in the joint study also raised the important role of bean fiber and protein of the bean in ameliorated cancer risks, said, " the potential health benefits and bioactivity of beans on tumor inhibition, highlighting studies involving functional compounds, mainly non-digestible fractions that modulate genes and proteins, thereby, unraveling their preventive role against the development of cancer".

Other researchers in evaluation of phytochemicals of black bean against various types of cancers showed that flavonoids and saponins isolated from black bean exerted a strong antioxidant capacity and antiproliferative activity against numbers of cancer cell lines in concentration depend manner.

The study also insisted that depending to days of germination, total phenolic content extracted from seed coats at the 3 days exhibited the strongest effect in inhibited all cancer cell lines proliferation with no cytotoxicity against control cells.

Specifically, chemical compound genistein showed most effective against mammary cancer cells in compared to more related with hepatic and colon cancers in flavonols and saponins.

The findings suggested that black bean may be considered as functional food as well as integrated form of injection for reduced risk and treatment of various types of malignant tumors

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