Thursday, 12 October 2017

30 Explicit Health Benefits of Herbal Andrographis Paniculata

Kyle J. Norton

Whole food ingredients in herbal plant have been found to process some significant effects in reduced risk and treatment of certain diseases, but single ingredient isolated from such plants may induce opposite outcomes.

Andrographis paniculata, the forgotten herbal medicine may have a potential effect in delay skin aging, however, its therapeutic properties have rarely been applied in the field of skin care.

30 Explicit Health Benefits of Herbal Andrographis Paniculata
1. Herbal Andrographis and Cancers
2. Herbal Andrographis Hepatoprotective effect
3. Herbal Andrographis and Rheumatoid arthritis
4. Herbal Andrographis and Immunity
5. Herbal Andrographis and Heart diseases
6. Herbal Andrographis and Common cold
7. Herbal Andrographis and Gastric Ulcer
8. Andrographis and Anti-inflammatory effects
9. Herbal Andrographis and Colitis
10. Herbal Andrographis and malaria
11. Herbal Andrographis and Renoprotective effects
12. Herbal Andrographis and Oral Cancer
13. Herbal Andrographis and Hepatitis
14. Herbal Andrographis and Anti-fertility
15. Herbal Therapy: Andrographis, The Male Contraceptive Whole Herb Medicine or Not?
16. Herbal Therapy: Andrographis paniculata In Reduced Risk and Early Onset of Alzheimer's disease
17. Herbal Therapy: Andrographis Paniculata, a Neuroprotective Whole Herb Medicine
18. Herbal Therapy:, Andrographis aniculata, The Best Whole Herb Medicine for Relieving Symptoms and Treatment of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection
19. Herbal Therapy:, Andrographis paniculata in Reduced Risk of Early Onset of Cognitive Impairment
20. Herbal Therapy: Andrographis, The Best Whole Herb for Reduced Risk andTreatment of Gastric/Stomach Cancer
21. Herbal Therapy: Andrographis Paniculata, The Best Gastroprotective Whole Herb Medicine
22. Herbal Therapy: Andrographis in Reduced Risk and Treatment of Leukemia
23. Herbal Therapy, Andrographis, The Anti Skin Cancer Whole Herb Medicine
24. Herbal Therapy: Andrographis, A Chemotherapeutic Agent for Treatment of Breast Cancer
25. Herbal Therapy: Andrographis in Accelerated Wound Healing with Lesser Scar
26. Herbal Therapy: Andrographis, The Best Anti Platelet Aggregation Herbal Medicine
27. Herbal Therapy: Andrographis, The Best Whole Herb Medicine for Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis
28. Herbal Therapy: Andrographis, The Anti Lung cancer Whole Herb Medicine
29. Herbal Therapy: Andrographis, The Immunomodulatory Whole Herb Medicine
30. Herbal Therapy: Andrographis Paniculata, the Best Anti Skin Aging Natural herbal Medicine

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