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Alternative Therapy: Yoga Therapy In Improved Sexual Function in Women

Kyle J. Norton 

Yoga therapy may be considered as an integrated form of exercise in improved women sexual dysfunction, a renowned institute study suggested.

Yoga, the ancient technique practice for harmonized external and internal body well being, through breath control, meditation, bodily movement and gesture..... has been well known for people in Western world and some parts in Asia due to health benefits reported by various respectable institutes' research and supported by health advocates.

According to the study of 40 females (age range 22-55 years, average age 34.7 +/- 8.49 years) enrolled in a yoga camp and given a standardized questionnaire named Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) before and after the 12 weeks session of yoga indicated that
1. Yoga intervention demonstrated substantially improved sexual functions scores in all six domains of FSFI assay (i.e., desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, and pain).
2. Also in this group, The improvement was more in older women (age > 45 years) in compared with younger women (age < 45 years)

Interestingly, in support of the above differentiation, researchers at the The Catholic University of Korea, conduced a randomized, controlled study of 41 women with metabolic syndrome (age 30-60 years) assigned to a 12-week yoga exercise group (n=20) or a wait-listed control group (n=21) suggested that
1. Yoga therapy displayed a significant improvement in arousal and lubrication in compared to the control group.
2. Yoga also showed an improvement of systolic blood pressure yoga group than in the control group at the 12-week follow up

Dr. Kim HN, the led author said, " yoga may be an effective treatment for sexual dysfunction in women with metabolic syndrome as well as for metabolic risk factors".

Additionally, in the study of 60 Iranian women with multiple sclerosis (MS) placed in two equally divided control and case groups through random selection to assess pre-and post-effects of yoga exercises on their physical activities and sexual satisfaction levels, researchers at the joint study led by the Yasuj University of Medical Sciences, found that
1. Women participated into yoga class expressed a significant statistical difference in physical activity and sexual satisfaction levels in compared to control
2. Yoga intervention also manifested improvement in physical ability

Taking altogether, Yoga intervention may be considered as an integrated forms of therapy used combined with standard treatment in improved sexual function in women, particularly in women with metabolic syndrome and multiple sclerosis.

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