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The 20 Amazing Health Benefits of Herbal Arnica

By Kyle J. Norton

Arnica is a herbaceous species, genus perennial, belonging to the family Asteraceae, native to Europe and Asia. It has been used in herbal medicine for centuries to treat strains, sprains, and bruises.

Beside containing contain helenalin as it main ingredient used as an anti-inflammatory agent in herbal medicine, it also contains 11,13- dihydrohelenaline, chamissonolid, Sesquiterpene lactone, lignans of the furofuran, dibenzylbutyrolactone, dibenzylbutyrolactol types, pinoresinol, epipinoresinol, phillygenin, matairesinol, nortrachelogenin, and nortracheloside, six dibenzylbutyrolactol derivatives.

1. Arnica, The Herb Which Speeds Up Bruise Healing, Scientists Reveal
2. Herbal Arnica, A Remedy Which Processes Anti-inflammatory Activity
4. Herbal Arnica, the Potential Colon Cancer Functional Herb
5. Herbal Arnica, the Natural Muscle Pain Reliever
6. Herbal Arnica and wound healing
7. Herbal Therapy: Arnica, a Potent Anti Edema, and Bruising Herbal Medicine 
8. Herbal Therapy: Herbal Arnica in Ameliorated Pain and Muscle Tenderness After Intensive Exercise?
9. Better than Aspirin Single Herb in Inhibited Platelet Aggregation to Prevent Onset of Cardiovascular Disease without Any Adverse Effects
10. Herbal Therapy: Topical Arnica, Better Than Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Medications in Accelerated Ecchymosis Healing and Pain and Swelling Reduction
11. Herbal Therapy: Arnica, A Potent Function Herb in Reduced Risk, Progression and Treatment of Inflammatory Arthritis
12. Herbal Therapy: Arnica in Reduced Risk, Progression and Treatment of Lung Cancer
13. Herbal Therapy: Arnica in Prevention of Early Onset, Progression, and Treatment of Colon Cancer
14. Herbal Arnica, The Natural CD4+ T cells Inhibitor with Immunoregulatory Activity 
15.  Herbal Arnica Better Than Chemo Cisplatin in Inhibited Onset and Gene Expression in Induction of Colon Cancer, According to Online Medical Literature 
16. Herbal Arnica, The Functional Herb Which Alleviates Symptoms and Treatment of Osteoarthritis, some scientists Revealed
17. Arnica, The Herbal Remedy Which Not Only Gobbles Up Breast Cancer Cells But Also Enhance Faster Recovery in Post Breast Mastectomy.
18. Herbal Arnica and It's Bioactive Sesquiterpene Lactones That Block Cancer Cells of Leukemia From Spreading, Scientists Reveal
19. Topical Arnica Gel, The Potent Herbal Product Which Alleviates Symptoms and Treatment of Osteoarthritis
20. Herbal Arnica, The Functional Herb Which Stops the Onset of Chronic Diseases Associated with Oxidative Stress, Researchers Found

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