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Indicaxanthin Processes Redox Status Property

By Kyle J. Norton

The redox status refers to the balance between the levels of free radicals and other reactive species and antioxidants. 

Oxidants or ROS species can be produced by the body cell metabolism or from the external sources such as the air we breathe and the foods we eat.

Free radicals in moderate amount are necessary for the body functioning, inclduing NO for vascular relaxation.

Free radicals are atoms, molecules, or ions with unpaired electrons through chemical bonds with other atoms or molecules during a chemical reaction.

Antioxidants are stable molecules which play a critic role to protect our body against oxidation.

There are 2 types of antioxidants, antioxidants produced by the host are called antioxidant enzymes and antioxidant came from dietary intake.

Under normal conditions, antioxidants produced by the host are good enough to keep the levels of free radicals in check.

Imbalanced levels of free radicals and antioxidants induced oxidative stress, a major cause of many chronic ailments. In other words, free radicals overexpression caused by chain oxidative reaction that induces oxidative stress causes protein, lipid, and DNA, leading to chronic disease including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.

According to Dr. Parvin Mirmiran, and colleagues in the joint study led by the Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, on oxidative stress in patients with metabolic syndrome, wrote, "(By) following a healthy pattern filled with fruits and vegetables ameliorates oxidative stress status and on the contrary, attachment to an unhealthy pattern, characterized by higher intakes of fast foods and processed foods, aggravated the oxidative stress levels in Tehranian individuals suffering from metabolic syndrome".
Therefore, by enhancing antioxidant status in the body through regular physical activity and intake of fruits and vegetables which contain a high amount of dietary antioxidant to offset the free-radical toxic effects, the risk of oxidative stress can be reduced substantially.

Indicaxanthin is phytochemicals in the class of red and yellow indole-derived pigments of Betacyanins, belongings to the group of Betalains found abundantly in beets, chard, etc.

On finding a potential compound which processes chemo-activity, researchers examined the effect of Indicaxanthin as a natural chemoactive and chemopreventive agent.

The randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled and crossover design included 8 women (23.25±2.95 years old, weight of 54.13±9.05 kg, height of 157.75±0.66 cm and BMI of 21.69±0.66 kg/m2) randomly divided into 2 groups and each group was supplied with either 50 ml OFI, diluted to 170 ml with water, or 170 ml Placebo containing the same concentration of fruit juice ingredients except for Vitamin C and indicaxanthin.

According to the blood samples from women taken before and after the effort test without supplementation (baseline), pre- and post-test, 24 h and 48 h post-test with OFI or Placebo supplementation every day for 3 days before of effort test on a cycle ergometer and continued to take it for 2 consecutive days after testing, free radical H2O2 levels were significantly decreased and total antioxidant capacity (PAT) significantly increase in the OFI group comapred to placebo.

In other words, by comparing the effect on OFI and placebo groups, the antioxidants vitamin C and indicaxanthin may be the major constituents in the induction of the efficacy of OFI in restoring redox balance.

Based on the results, researchers said, " OFI supplementation might be used to restore redox balance after intense exercises in moderately trained women".

Taken altogether, indicaxanthin may be considered a remedy in restoring redox balance after intense exercises in moderately trained women, pending to the confirmation of the larger sample size and multicenter human study.

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(2) Effect of dietary patterns on oxidative stress in patients with metabolic syndrome: Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study by Parvin Mirmiran, Ph.D. Hoda Hadavi, MSc, Azadeh Mottaghi, Ph.D., and Fereidoun Azizi, MD. (PMC)

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