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Betaxanthins, the Potential Anti Cancer Phytochemical

By Kyle J. Norton

Cancer is a group of chronic and medical diseases associated with the growth of the irregular cells caused by DNA alternation.

Most cases of that start in the cells of the inner lining of a tissue or organ before penetrating into deeper layers to form a tumor.

At the advanced stage, the invasive cells may travel a distance away from the primary site to infect other healthy tissue of the organs, through lymph and blood, leading to secondary metastasis.

Some cancers can be slow-growth including prostate and colon cancer. Primary cancer at stage 0 and 1 may not induce any symptoms. However, at the later stage, a larger size tumor can induce specific symptoms depending on the affected organ accompanied by some general symptoms found in all types of cancer.

According to the statistics, in Canada, lung, colorectal, breast, and prostate cancers accounted for about half of all cancer diagnoses and deaths. Approximately, 1 in 2 Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetimes and 1 in 4 will die of the disease.

Most cancers diagnosed in the very early stage have a 5 years survival rate close to 100%. Therefore, People who are at a higher risk of cancer onset should have an annual examination to catch cancer in the early stage.

The causes of cancer are unknown. age, family, genetic preposition, alcohol,  cancer-causing Substances, chronic inflammation, hormones, immunosuppression,  are some of the common prevalent factors found in cancer patients./

Some researchers suggested, the widespread obesity in the Western world due to the promotion of a high-fat diet over the past few decades are correlated to the incidences of cancer onset,

The IFL science in the article "Scientists Discover How High-Fat Diets Can Cause Cancer" wrote, "in the mice on a high-fat diet, activation of PPAR-delta in intestinal progenitor cells – daughters of stem cells that are along the road of specialization – caused them to behave like stem cells, increasing their lifespan and endowing them the ability to form mini-intestines in a dish. Importantly, when the team deleted a gene in these cells that are often mutated in colon cancer, the cells obtained the capacity to form tumors".

Conventionally, treatment of cancers completely depends on the types and grade of cancer. Some people with cancer at the early stage may only need one treatment. But most people with cancer in the later stage have a combination of treatments, including surgery with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.

Betaxanthins are phytochemicals in the class of red and yellow indole-derived pigments, belonging to the group of Betalains, found abundantly in beets, Sicilian prickly pear, etc.

With an aim to find a potent ingredient for the treatment of invasive tumor, researchers examined the anti-cancer effects of  C-glycosyl flavonoids from Beta vulgaris Cicla and betalains from Beta vulgaris rubra.

In other words, the study was to compare the anti-cancer activity of chemical compound among green beet (Beta vulgaris var. cicla L, apigenin, vitexin, vitexin-2-O-xyloside, and vitexin-2-O-rhamnoside, .) and red beetroot (B. vulgaris var. Rubra L., betaxanthins, and betacyanins).

All tested compound showed significant antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory, and antiproliferative activities during the course of the experiment.

Combination of Vitexin-2-O-xyloside, betaxanthins, and betacyanins exerted antiproliferative activity against breast, liver, colon, and bladder cancer cell lines, in vitro.

Furthermore, all phytochemicals demonstrated anti-cancer efficacy by inhibiting the proteins associated with pro-survivals and gene involved in the inhibition of apoptosis.

Moreover, the genes that promote controlling angiogenesis, hypoxia-inducible factor 1A associated with metastasis were also inhibited by the injection of all these compounds.

Additionally, Vitexin-2-O-xyloside, betaxanthins, and betacyanins used in combination with conventional anticancer drugs not only to reduce the drug toxicity but also overcome the multidrug resistance of cancer cells.

Based on the findings, researchers said, "enable these dietary phytochemicals to block the proliferation of tumor cells and inhibit their pro-survival pathways.".

Taken altogether, betaxanthins used alone or combined with other phytochemicals may be considered remedies for the prevention and treatment of cancer, pending to the confirmation of the larger sample size and multicenter human study.

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(2) Scientists Discover How High-Fat Diets Can Cause Cancer by  IFL science 

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