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Phytochemical Sinigrin, the Potential Anti Liver Cancer Proliferation Bioactive Ingredient, According to Studies

By Kyle J. Norton

Sinigrin may be the next-generation natural and bioactive compound processed an antiproliferative activity against the progression of cancer, according to studies.

In cancer, antiproliferation is a process in which the cancer cells are killed or limited to grow through many mechanisms, including the use of chemo drugs.

In the immune perspective, anti-proliferation can be carried out by activating the genes associated with cancer suppression, programming cell death,.... and cell cycle arrest.

In a suppressive gene, such as pro-apoptotic p53 induces cancer cell death through cell cycle arrest. In other words, the gene inhibits tumor growth by interrupting the cancer cell cycle division.

In programmed cell death gene, such as BCL-2 induce cell death by either inducing or inhibiting apoptosis. In other words, If cells are no longer needed or damaged, activating an intracellular death program will cause cell death.

In phytochemicals, anti-proliferation can also be carried out by antioxidants in which they stimulate the free radicals overexpression to induce toxicity to tumor cells without causing harm to the nearby healthy cells.

Some cancers can stimulate the production of a new blood vessel for cancer cells to grow and others can make enzymes that break down normal cells and tissues as they grow.

Dr. Albanes D, in the study of cell proliferation as a major risk factor for cancer, said, "Caloric restriction strongly inhibits the development of neoplasia in rodents, and there is evidence of a positive relationship between cancer and body weight in humans".

And, "A recent link between adult stature and cancer incidence similarly implicates a lasting effect for growth and possibly for early nutrition in carcinogenesis. It is postulated that cancer risk is proportional to the number of proliferating cells, which in turn depends on both the number of cells and the rate of cell division within the tissue".

Sinigrin is a phytochemical glucosinolate, belonging to the family of glucosides found abundantly in Brussels sprouts, broccoli, the seeds of black mustard, etc.

Researchers on finding a bioactive compound for the treatment of liver cancer, one of the leading causes of cancer death worldwide. investigated the anti-proliferative activity of sinigrin, the major ingredients present in Brassica nigra.

In a model of carcinogen-induced hepatotoxicity in rats, the selected animals were orally administered with sinigrin on a daily basis for three months before sacrifice.

During the experiment, the injection of sinigrin significantly inhibited the proliferation of liver tumor cells, observed by the reduction of the number of surface tumors in the rat liver.

Sinigrin induced apoptosis of liver cancer cells by exhibiting the expression of a protein associated with the tumor suppression in the host rats, namely, the p53.

Further, the application of sinigrin induced cancer apoptosis by stimulating the production of a protein involved in cell death programming and gene involved cellular differentiation.

Interestingly, additional analysis of the sinigrin anti-liver cancer activity, researchers showed that the bioactive compound not only inhibits cancer cells from proliferation through cell cycle arrest but also restores the liver function without inducing liver toxicity.

The results strongly suggested that sinigrin processed significant anti-liver cancer properties via several genes and pathways.

Dr. Jie M, the lead scientist wrote in the final report, "sinigrin exerts important anti-proliferative activities in carcinogen-induced hepatocarcinogenesis in rats, and highlight the potential of sinigrin as an anti-cancer agent for liver cancer".

Taken altogether, sinigrin found in Brassica nigra may be considered a functional supplement for the prevention and treatment of liver cancer, pending to the confirmation of large sample size and multicenter human study.

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