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Excessive Green Tea Drinking May Increase Risk of Infertility

By Kyle J. Norton

Green tea is a popular beverage processed many health benefits, including a reduction in the risks of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. However, excessive green tea drinking or overused of supplement over the long term can induce serious side effects.

Contrast to general belief, overdoses of green tea and green tea supplements may affect the function of male reproductive organs, according to studies.

In other words, excessive consumption of green tea a day may increase the risk of infertility, regardless of genders.

According to 2008 reports by the US Pharmacopeia, there are a number of cases of cytolytic and cholestatic liver damage associated with long term use or high usage of green tea products.

The Sapienza University of Rome, in the statement of hepatotoxicity of green tea, suggested, although there are many cases of green tea was found to cause liver toxicity, due to reactions induced by GT had a generally long latency (179.1 ± 58.95 days), but most patents were recovered within 2 - 3 months.

The University continued "Present data confirm a certain safety concern with GT, even if the number of hepatic reactions reported is low considering the great extent of use of this supplement".

The results suggested that our drinking green tea habit should not be altered due to the low incidence of liver toxicity.

If you are taking a green tea supplement, please follow the direction of the product carefully.

The University of California liver health team in the concern of green tea may increase the risk of male infertility, examined On finding a natural ingredient for the improvement of reproductive health with no side effects, researchers examined the green tea reproductive activity in Drosophila melanogaster.

The study included Drosophila melanogaster embryos and larvae exposed to various doses of green tea polyphenols (GTP).

According to the tested assay, larvae exposed to 10 mg/mL GTP were slower to develop, emerged smaller, and exhibited a dramatic decline in the number of emerged offspring. 

 Female offspring produced by GTP larvae group exhibited a decline in reproductive output and decreased survival while males were unaffected.

According to the observation of atrophic testes in males, mature eggs in females,  GTP had a negative impact on reproductive organs in both males and females.

The results suggested that high dose of GTP may have an adverse effect in the reproductive development and reproduction.

In the investigation of the gender-specific effects of green tea on the lifespan of fruit flies, researchers surprisingly found an inverse correlation between lifespan and reproduction, particularly in male reproductive fitness.

Truly, green tea negatively impacted male fertility as shown by a reduced number of offspring produced and increased mating latency. 

After taking into account co and confounders, researchers suggested that green tea extends the lifespan of male flies by inhibiting reproductive potential, possibly by limiting iron uptake.

Dr. the lead scientist in the comparison of the previous human study said, " ...(The) results also support previous studies that suggest that green tea might have a negative effect on reproductive fitness in humans".

Taken all together, overdoses green tea and green tea supplements may have a negative impact in reproductive organs, regardless of gender, pending to the validation of larger sample and multicenter human study.

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