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Honey, the Best Remedy In the Modulation of the Immune System for the Body Needs

By Kyle J. Norton

Scientists may have found a natural alternative remedy the modulates the immune function to the needs of the body, according to studies.

The immune system through immune response protects our body against infectious organisms and the inflammatory process that lead to chronic infectious disease and cancers.

There are 2 types of immune disorder. If the immune system is underactive, patients may be easily infected by foreign pathogens, leading to chronic infectious disease and cancer.

On another hand, if the immune system is overactive, patients may experience autoimmune disease caused by the immune system mistakenly attacking the bodily tissues, leading to chronic inflammatory disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA). 

The immune system has been evolved over thousands of years with an aim to protect the body more efficient in adapting to the change of environment. However, these change in some cases may lead us to certain risks.

For example, the development of the chronic inflammatory disease is a result of the immune system which can not kill off all invaders in the acute phase of infection, leading to the adaptation of the change or the chronic low-grade inflammatory disease.

Although there are many factors associated with the onset of immune dysfunction, some researchers suggested that widespread obesity may be the most prevalent risk factor in the Western world.

Dr. Giridharan NV at the Indian Council of Medical Research in the concern of the risk of immune dysfunction in obese said, "Altered immunity under the obese condition is well documented in studies involving animal models. For example, both, genetically leptin-deficient (Ob/ob mice) and leptin receptor-deficient obese animals (Db/db mice and fa/fa rats) demonstrate a global impairment in ex vivo immune function"

And, " Obese animal’s show marked thymic atrophy, lower splenic and circulating T cells, decrease in mitogen-stimulated lymphocyte proliferative capacity and cell-mediated cytotoxicity [11-20]. Obese animals exhibited impaired innate immunity in terms of reduction in number and function of dendritic cells [21], displayed diminished development, differentiation and cytotoxicity of NK cells [22]".

The findings clearly suggested the association of obesity in the elevated risk of immune dysfunction.

Honey is the miraculous product made by bees using nectar from flowers.

The rich golden liquid It is considered one of healthy sweet food for replacing the use of white sugar and artificial sweetener by many people.

Researcher on finding a natural compound which processes immune modulatory activity investigated the immune protective effect on jungle honey (JH) collected from timber and blossom by wild honey bees that live in the tropical forest of Nigeria.

Female C57BL/6 mice included in the study were injected with JH (1 mg/mouse/day, seven times intra-peritoneal).

After seven injections, according to the assays analysis of the peritoneal cells (PC) and Lewis Lung Carcinoma/2 (LL/2) cells, jungle honey demonstrated an increased PC cells number and the percent of Gr-1 surface antigen and the intensity of Gr-1 antigen expression compared to control mice.

The new cells population increased in the PC was neutrophils, a common type of white blood cells that fight off infections correlated to the decreased tumor incidence and weight in the honey treatment of group.

The increased immune activity in the honey treatment mice was associated with the increase of the ratio of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in entering cytotoxic activity against the tumor expression in  JH-injected mice.

The finding clearly suggested that JH inhibited tumor through the expression of neutrophils mediated by ROS cytotoxicity.

In order to reveal more information about honey immune modulatory activity, researchers examined the immune status in mature mice bearing Ehrlich ascites carcinoma (EAC).

Injection of coriander honey (500 mg/kg) showed a decrease of the in tumor volume, packed cell volume and viable cell count, but an increase in non-viable cell count and mean survival time thereby increasing lifespan of EAC bearing mice.

The efficacy of coriander honey (CH) was found to associated with the increased production of levels of immunoglobulin M, G and A which are glycoprotein molecules produced by plasma cells in response to an immunogen with function as antibodies and the proliferation of T cells.

Dr. Ahmed Hegazi, the lead scientist wrote in the final report, "coriander honey exhibited antitumor effect by modulating the cell-mediated immune response and immunoglobulin levels, in EAC bearing mice".

Taken altogether, honey, including JH and CH may be considered functional remedies in the modulatory immune function to the body needs with no side effects, pending to the confirmation of large sample size and multicenter human study.

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Some articles have been used as references in medical research, such as international journal Pharma ISSN 0975-6299.

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