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Honey, the Potential Remedy in Speeding Up Bone Healing, According to Studies

By Kyle J. Norton

Bone healing is a natural process of broken bone healing. The bone healing process goes through three overlapping stages, including inflammation, soft and callus production, and bone remodeling.

Improper bone healing occurred when two ends of the broken bone are not lined up properly, leading to the bone healing with a deformity called a malunion.

Most cases of improper bone healing have been found to involve angulation (bend) and/or rotation flexibility or extension. In some cases, improper bone healing can also cause stiffness in the finger, hand, wrist or elbow.

If you experience some of the above symptoms after a broken bone, you may have an improper bone healing. Please check with your doctor to rule out the possibility.

Some researchers in the concern of the risk of improper bone healing in obese patients wrote, "Obesity is a risk factor for various orthopedic diseases, including fractures. Obesity's influence on circulating hormones and cytokines and bone mineralization ultimately influence the body's osteogenic response and bone mineralization, potentially increasing the risk of fracture and impacting fracture healing".

Luckily, the doctor continued, "Obese/overweight children did not have a delay in release to activities compared with children of normal weight".

The results strongly suggested the correlation between obese and the risk of bone fracture and fracture healing in children.

Honey, the rich golden liquid is the miraculous product made by bees using nectar from flowers.

The liquid is considered one of healthy sweet food for replacing the use of white sugar and artificial sweetener by many people.

Researchers on finding a natural remedy for speed-up bone healthy investigation honey activity on
alveolar osteitis (OA).

Alveolar osteitis (AO) is a complication of tooth extraction.

50 patients of AO were included in the study. After cleansing of the affected socket, honey dressings applied were changed daily for the first 2 days and then alternatively.

Honey application sped up the bone and granulation tissue healing and gingiva healing in about one week on most patients.

According to the reading of the CRP levels, treatment of AO with honey dressing showed a significant decrease from the pre-treatment values, an indication of fast recovery for inflammation.

The microbiological assay also showed the presence of normal commensal flora at AO sites including Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, and Enterococcus.

The results suggested that honey topical dressing speeds up bone healing and tissue recovery through inhibiting microbial overexpression and production of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

In order to reveal more information about bone healing of honey, researchers examined the honey on the healing of mandibular bone defects in a rat model.

24 wild-type Wistar rats included in the study were shaved, disinfected and extraoral incised with a 2 × 2 mm defect at mandibular angle. Only the experimental group defect was filled with sterile honey.

After 4 weeks, the defects were filled in four samples of the honey treatment group, compared to all samples of the control group which is still in the mineralization stage.

According to the histomorphometric assay, honey treatment showed a significant improvement in the mean new bone formation compared to those of the control group, both after 2 and 4 weeks.

Taken altogether, honey may speed up bone healing without inducing any side effects, pending to the confirmation of large sample size and multicenter human study.

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