Friday, 15 March 2019

Herbal Artichoke Improves Liver Functioning

By Kyle J. Norton

On seeking natural therapy with no side effects, scientists may have found a herbal remedy for improvement of liver functioning, according to studies.

The liver function plays a critical role in filtering blood come from the intestinal before passing them to other organs and tissues. The reddish-brown organ also detoxes toxic chemicals and metabolizes medicine and secrete bile to the intestine for breaking down food and absorbing nutrients.

Additionally, the liver is found to process the ability to secrete proteins such as albumin, fibrinogens, and apolipoproteins into the blood for the regulation of the oncotic pressure, blood clotting, and lipoprotein metabolism, respectively.

There are many factors can disrupt the liver function including viral infection, alcohol use or obesity, leading to scar formation in the liver tissue.

Long-term untreated chronic liver infection that causes the replacement of normal liver tissue by scar tissues eventually lead to cirrhosis, a non-reversible, dangerous condition that can lead to liver failure and cancer.

At the early stage of liver disease, most patients are asymptomatic. However, as the disease progression patients may experience unspecific symptoms of loss of appetite, fatigue, general malaise, gastrointestinal discomforts or weight loss.

At the advanced stage severe on the right side of the abdomen, jaundice, pale stool, harden urine color, spiderlike blood vessels on the skin, redness in the palms of the hands.

Liver damage at this stage may cause loss of period in some women and loss of sex drive, breast enlargement or testicular atrophy in men.

In the severe case, patients also have symptoms of confusion, drowsiness and slurred speech.

Artichoke is a perennial thistle of Cynara cardunculus species of the Cynara genus, belonging to the family Carduoideae native to Southern Europe around the Mediterranean.

The herbal plant has been used in traditional medicine as a liver protective and detoxified agent, and to treat digestive disorders, abdominal pain gas and bloating, etc.

On finding a natural compound for enhancing the liver function, researchers at the Laboratoire de pharmacology examined the liver protective effects of artichoke (Cynara scolymus) leaf extract.

Injection of artichoke extract improved the liver function in the production of bile and liver lipid production and lipid recycling by lowering blood cholesterol.

In animal models, the liquid extracts of the roots and leaves of artichoke also found to demonstrate an ability to protect the liver, with possibly in enhancing liver cells regenerate.

Furthermore, administration of artichoke extract reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease by lowering risk factors associated with liver function in regulating cholesterol and triglycerides.

According to the therapeutic effects of artichoke on biochemical and liver biomarkers in patients with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), artichoke improved the function of the liver by improving liver enzymes which were significantly reduced in NASH.

Taken altogether, artichoke may have a strong implication in improving the liver function in many aspects, pending to the validation of larger sample size and multicenter studies.

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