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Maternal Coffee Intake >2 Cups Per Day, A Potential Risk Of Infant's Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), Scientists Find

By Kyle J. Norton, Master of Nutrition

In compared to herbal medicine, food therapy even takes longer to ease symptoms, depending on the stage of the treatment which directly addresses the cause of disease.

Women, drinking moderated coffee during pregnancy may have a profound effect in increased risk of infants' acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), some studies suggested.

In other words, All is cancer originated from in stem cells of the blood caused by abnormal lymphoid stem cells that grow and develops disorderly.
Childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is a medical condition characterized by large amounts of immature lymphocytes made by the bone marrow.

According to the statistic provided by the American Cancer Society, approximately 5,960 new cases of ALL (3,290 in males and 2,670 in females) were diagnosed in 2018. The disease also causes the death of 1,470 deaths, including 830 in males and 640 in females in the same year.
The prevalent risk for developing ALL is highest in children younger than 5 years of age. The risk then declines slowly until the mid-20s and begins to rise again slowly after age 50.

Patients diagnosed with All have a mean of 5 years survival rate of  70%. However, in those aged 14 or younger, more than  90% will survive their leukemia for 5 years.

Coffee, the popular and social beverage all over the world, after green tea, is a drink made from roast bean from the Coffea plant, native to tropical Africa and Madagascar.

Acute leukemia is a condition of rapid increase in the numbers of extreme immature white blood cells in the bloodstream, tissues, and organs.

According to the 12 case-control studies, comprising a total of 3649 cases and 5705 controls, coffee, and coffee caffeine consumption were associated linearly to a higher risk of childhood leukemia, by the dose-response analyses.

Dr. Thomopoulos TP, the lead researchers said, " detrimental association between maternal coffee consumption and childhood leukemia risk and provide indications for a similar role of maternal cola intake".

Instantly, in the review of literature database of up to May 5, 2013, and the lists of references of retrieved articles screened to identify additional relevant studies, researchers reported that
* In low to moderate-level drinkers during pregnancy, the risk of children Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) was 1.22.

* A maternal coffee highest consumption was statistically significantly associated with childhood ALL of 1.65 compared to nondrinker.

Dr. Cheng J, the lead author said, "maternal coffee consumption during pregnancy may increase the risk of childhood AL" and " linear dose-response relationship of coffee consumption and childhood AL (P for nonlinearity = .68), including childhood ALL and childhood AML; with increased coffee consumption, the risk of childhood AL increased".

Furthermore, in the reviews of the French ESCALE study, included 764 AL cases and 1,681 controls in 2003-2004 in women with Genotypes of the candidate alleles (NAT2*5 rs1801280, ADH1C*2 rs698, and rs1693482, CYP2E1*5 rs2031920 and rs3813867), scientists found that
* Regular coffee drinking expected mother was associated with childhood AL and

* The incidence is increased linearly with daily intake (p for trend <0.001; >2 cups per day vs. no or less than 1 cup per week).

* There was no association between gene alternation and risk of childhood ALL found among these women.

The findings suggested that maternal coffee consumption during pregnancy may increase the risk of childhood AL, particularly in pregnant women who drink more than 2 cups per day.

Women who have a previous history of this type of incidence should reduce intake of coffee for the preventive measure.

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Some articles have been used as references in medical research, such as international journal Pharma and Bioscience, ISSN 0975-6299.

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(2) Maternal coffee consumption during pregnancy and risk of childhood acute leukemia: a meta-analysis by Cheng J1, Su H2, Zhu R3, Wang X1, Peng M1, Song J1, Fan D1.(PubMed)

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