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Herbal Calendula, the Potent Anti Edema Functional Remedy

By Kyle J. Norton

Herbal Calendula may have a potential effect in reducing risk and treatment of edema, some scientists suggested.

Edema is a condition characterized by an abnormal accumulation of fluid in certain tissues within the body due to injury or inflammation.

In most cases, edema occurs under the surfaces of the skin in the leg and ankle. However, fluids can also be accumulated in the lungs (pulmonary edema).

Without the assistance of diagnosis, researchers can not pinpoint the exact causes of edema.

There are numbers of risk factor associated with the onset of the swellings, such as low levels of albumin that keeps the blood in the vessels, allergic reaction, blood clots. Some medical conditions such as congestive heart failure, kidney diseases and long-term intake medicine such as NSAIDs and calcium channel blockers also increased the risk of edema.

Some researchers suggested that under normal conditions, medicine that removes excess fluid and reduces intake salt can be effective. However, if the condition of edema is caused by underlying disease, separated medicine treatment may be required.

If you are experiencing symptoms of heavy leg and ankle and shortness of breath, please check with your doctor to rule out the edema possibility.

Calendula is also known as pot marigold, annual or perennial herbaceous plants of about 12–20 species of genus Calendula, belonging to the family Asteraceae, native to Southern Europe.

The herb has been used in herbal medicine as spasmolytic, spasmogenic, inflammatory effects and to treat abdominal cramps, wound healing, skin diseases, colitis, constipation, etc.

Chemical ingredients
Besides major chemical constituents of triterpenoids, flavonoids, coumarines, quinones, volatile oil,carotenoids and amino acids, the herb also contains loliolide (calendin), calendulin and n-paraffins.

In the study to examine the anti-inflammatory effect of Calendula officinalis flower extract against paw edema, researchers at the Amala Cancer Research Centre, launched an investigation in the paw edema of animals induced by carrageenan and dextran.

Oral injection of 250 and 500 mg/kg body weight of Calendula extract exerted a significant inhibition (50.6 and 65.9% respectively) in paw edema of animals by 41.9% in the carrageenan group and 42.4% in the dextran group, respectively through the anti-inflammatory activity.

In chronic inflammatory model induced by injection of formalin, administration of 250 and 500 mg/kg body weight of Calendula extract produced an inhibition of 32.9 and 62.3% respectively compared to controls.

Further examination also found that proinflammatory cytokines activated by macrophage of the immune system in the response to infection are also reduced significantly.

Other proinflammatory proteins such as IL- 1beta, IL-6, TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma and acute phase protein, C- reactive protein (CRP) in edema mice produced by LPS injection were inhibited significantly by the extracts in different doses. 

These results suggested that herbal Calendula inhibits edema caused by inflammation through its anti-inflammatory expression.

Additionally, in the study to reaffirm the efficacy of Calendula anti-inflammation against the progression of edema, researchers at the niversità di Trento conducted a differentiation on the anti-inflammatory chemical constituents of the herb.

13 out of 15 terpenoids from Calendula were found to process topical anti-inflammatory activities with respect to the inhibition of croton oil-induced ear edema in the mouse.

Three derivatives of Rings A, D, and E of faradiol, the C(16) benzyl ether 15, the C(30) aldehyde 24, and the C(30) primary alcohol 25 isolated from the herb also showed a significantly improved anti-inflammatory potency.

Taken altogether, herbal Calendula with the abundant anti-inflammatory bioactive compounds may have a potential effect in the prevention and treatment of inflammatory edema.

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Some articles have been used as references in medical research, such as international journal Pharma and Bioscience, ISSN 0975-6299.

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