Sunday, 8 December 2013

Postpartum Depression - The Treatments

Pospartum depression (postnatal depression), is a type of clinical depression, affecting women, after childbirth. Normally this of nervous tension occurs in women in the first new months of pregnancy, but in some women, it can last after child birth. The rate of occurrence is between 5 -25%, depending to the uniqueness of each women. In men the occurrence of postpartum depression are uncleared with the range between 1% and 25%.
Normally the symptoms will go away on its own in a short period of time (Baby blue symptoms). In some women, the symptoms get more serve everyday and does not go away that can leading to the onset of postpartum depression.
Although there is no specific treatment for postpartum depression, researchers suggest the below treatment depending to the situation of each woman.
1. Interpersonal therapy (IPT)
Interpersonal therapy (IPT), which is a time-limited, annualized psychotherapy, focuses on remit depression, alleviate interpersonal distress, and assist patients to build or better utilize social supports is believed to be very effective in treating women with postpartum depression.

2. Marriage
Some women with postpartum depression may feet that their marriage is in danger of breaking off, such as feeling unsupport of the partner,... then marriage counseling could be very beneficial.

3. Hormone therapy
Certain types of anti-depression medicine used combination with estrogen therapy can be beneficial

4. Medicine
Antidepressants may be necessary in some case, depending to the severity of the diseases and breast feeding.

5. Support from the family, friends, support group can be helpful.

6. In some case, a women with postpartum depression may be put in the hospital if the treatments do not help or her action may be in danger to herself and the baby.

In the 18-month study followed 157 women who were recruited from middle-class communities across the Iowa City region. researcher found that even though all depressed mothers received treatment and most were symptom-free, postpartum mothers reported their toddlers as less securely attached,...
Fortunately, most women will find that the condition improves in a few months of treatment and most of them recovery from the diseases.

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