Thursday, 26 December 2013

Simple obesity in children. A study on the role of nutritional factors

In the study to examine the effectiveness of dietary treatment in children with simple obesity on the basis of thorough analysis of their state of nutrition, method of nutrition and eating habits and the impact of other environmental factors, Dr. Weker H. at Instytut Matki i Dziecka, ul. Kasprzaka indicated that 1. Simple obesity in children aged 3-15 yrs is connected with familial and environmental factors, including incorrect eating habits. 2. Dietary treatment consisting in the lowering of energetic value of the diet through the reduction of fat consumption and quantity and quality changes with respect to carbohydrates consumption decreased the children's obesity, and was more effective in the older age group (7-15 yrs). Dietary treatment normalizes the lipid profile in children. 3. Significant body mass loss has been observed in children in whose diet the amount of proteins and their share in the total energy value only slightly differs from the level before the dietary treatment. The amount of proteins in the children's diet was within the range of physiological recommendations(1).

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(1) "[Simple obesity in children. A study on the role of nutritional factors]" by Weker H.

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