Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Weight loss maintenance in African-American women

African-American women are disproportionately affected by obesity. Weight loss can occur, but maintenance is rare. Little is known about weight loss maintenance in African-American women. In this investigation, researchers found that Weight loss maintainers lost 22% of body weight. They view positive support from others and active opposition to cultural norms as critical for maintenance. They struggle with weight regain, but have strategies in place to lose weight again. Some maintainers struggle with being perceived as sick or too thin at their new weight. Regainers and maintainers struggle with hairstyle management during exercise. The theoretical constructs from TPB were defined and supported by focus group content.(1)

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(1) "Weight loss maintenance in African-American women: focus group results and questionnaire development" by  Barnes AS, Goodrick GK, Pavlik V, Markesino J, Laws DY, Taylor WC.

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