Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Models for dietary and weight change in African-American women

In the study to explore the cultural factors that potentially influence the effectiveness of weight-control programs for African-American women and attempts to challenge the perception that such programs operate in a culture-free context, researchers showed that Evidence from clinical trials also suggests that African-American women have difficulty in losing weight. Cultural variables are thought to limit the intensity of weight-loss motivations among African-American women, but it is also possible that unrecognized cultural variables within behavioral weight-control programs limit their applicability to persons who do not fit a typical middle-class white American prototype. Many perspectives that differ between African-American and American cultures are directly relevant to the tasks and expectations involved in conventional behavioral therapy. Thus, efforts to make programs culturally appropriate for African-American women may need to go beyond superficial adaptations (eg, logistical accommodations) toward a behavioral analysis of weight control as it is likely to be approached by African-American women within their cultural context.(1)

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(1) "Models for dietary and weight change in African-American women: identifying cultural components" by Kumanyika SK, Morssink C, Agurs T.

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