Friday, 27 December 2013

Low glycaemic index or low glycaemic load diets for overweight and obesity

In the study to assess the effects of low glycaemic index or load diets for weight loss in overweight or obese people, showed that overweight or obese people on LGI lost more weight and had more improvement in lipid profiles than those receiving Cdiets. Body mass, total fat mass, body mass index, total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol all decreased significantly more in the LGI group. In studies comparing ad libitum LGI diets to conventional restricted energy low-fat diets, participants fared as well or better on th LGI diet, even though they could eat as much as desired. Lowering the glycaemic load of the diet appears to be an effective method of promoting weight loss and improving lipid profiles and can be simply incorporated into a person's lifestyle. Further research with longer term follow-up will determine whether improvement continues long-term and improves quality of life(1).

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(1) "Low glycaemic index or low glycaemic load diets for overweight and obesity" by Thomas DE, Elliott EJ, Baur L.

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