Thursday, 26 December 2013

Dietary guidelines and the results of food consumption surveys

In the review focuses on dietary guidelines regarding fruit and vegetable consumption; sources of the antioxidant micronutrients, beta-carotene and vitamin C; and survey data on the US population's actual consumption of these foods, Dr. Block G. at the National Cancer Institute stated that the dietary Guidelines for Americans recommended consumption of five or more servings of vegetables and fruits daily, as did the 1989 Diet and Health report, which also emphasized fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C and carotenoids. In contrast with these recommendations and strong evidence for a beneficial effect, very few individuals in the United States even approach the recommended levels of intake. In the US NHANES II data, 41% of the population had no fruit on the survey day; only one fourth had a fruit or vegetable rich in vitamin A or in vitamin C. Only 10% consumed the recommended five servings. Efforts to increase consumption of these foods are needed to improve the diet and health of the population(1).

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(1) "Dietary guidelines and the results of food consumption surveys" by Block G.

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