Monday, 9 December 2013

Breast Feeding - Types of breast feeding position

Most babies were born with a sucking reflex to suck and swallow milk. Breast feeding is one of older form of feeding to the baby directed from the mother breast long before the invention of formula and cow milk. Many studies have proven that the mother milk is one of most nutrients and beneficial to the mother as well as the baby, such as protecting the baby from cold and infection and the mother from certain diseases and cancer, etc. according to The World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

Types of breast feeding position
There are many types of nursing position, mom should adjust until the baby find the most suitable to him/her
1. Cradle hold position
This is one of popular position to feed you baby and most babies like it as it allows mom to hold the baby closely, support their little bodies and see how well the baby is doing.
2. Cross cradle hold position
Similar to the cradle hold position, but in cross cradle hold position, mom have hands free to assist the baby in feeding, by holding to the baby's head and the breast.
3. Clutch position
It is the best position if mom just had a cesarean section delivery as it does not put any pressure to the abdomen or mom has the enlarged breasts.
4. Side Lying Position
Both mom and baby lie on the bed or flood on their side with putting any pressure to the admen. the position is recommended for mom with cesarean section delivery.
5. Saddle Hold
the baby is sitting up while feeding. Most baby like it when they have a cold or stuffy nose.
6. Etc.

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