Thursday, 26 December 2013

Children's growth parameters vary by type of fruit juice consumed

In the study to evaluate, in a sample of healthy young children, whether the associations between fruit juice intakes and growth parameters differ by the type of fruit juice consumed, Dr. Dennison BA, and the research team at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons indicated that the associations between high fruit juice intakes and obesity were observed with apple juice intakes only. Because most of the fruit juice mixtures were classified as single fruit juices, the findings, especially those with grape juice, need to be cautiously interpreted. High intakes of fruit juice, however, appear to be associated with growth extremes in young children. Thus, it would seem prudent for parents and caretakers to moderate the fruit juice intakes of their young children(1).

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(1) "Children's growth parameters vary by type of fruit juice consumed" by Dennison BA, Rockwell HL, Nichols MJ, Jenkins P.

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