Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Additional protein intake limits weight regain after weight loss

In the study to to investigate whether the addition of protein to the diet might limit weight regain after a weight loss of 5-10 % in overweight subjects, During WM, the protein group showed a higher protein intake (18 % v. 15 %; P<0.05), a lower weight regain (0.8 v. 3.0 kg; P<0.05), a decreased waist circumference (-1.2 (SD 0.7) v. 0.5 (SD 0.5 ) cm; P<0.05) and a smaller increase in respiratory quotient (0.03 (SD 0.01) v. 0.07 0.01; (SD/)P <0.05) compared with the control group. Weight regain in the protein group consisted of only fat-free mass, whereas the control group gained fat mass as well. Satiety in the fasted state before breakfast increased significantly more in the protein group than in the control group. After 6 months follow-up, body weight showed a significant group x time interaction. A protein intake of 18 % compared with 15 % resulted in improved WM in overweight subjects after a weight loss of 7.5 %. This improved WM implied several factors, i.e. improved body composition, fat distribution, substrate oxidation and satiety.(1)

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(1) "Additional protein intake limits weight regain after weight loss in humans" by Lejeune MP, Kovacs EM, Westerterp-Plantenga MS.

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