Sunday, 29 December 2013

Relationship between antioxidant intakes and class I sarcopenia

In the study of the effect of nutritional intake on sarcopenia has been mostly examined in class II sarcopenia, i.e. when muscle mass has sufficiently decreased to induce a loss in physical capacity, showed that although there were no significant differences between the sarcopenic and the non-sarcopenic group when antioxidant intakes were considered individually, we observed that the number of RDAs reached for antioxidant micronutrients and protein in healthy, older white men and women was lower in sarcopenic than nonsarcopenic individuals. Our results also suggest that a higher total dietary protein intake is associated with the preservation of muscle mass loss although both groups displayed values above actual RDAs. Obviously, prospective studies are needed to determine the minimum amount of protein in the diet needed to prevent class I sarcopenia and to examine the utility of antioxidant intake to combat the age-related loss in skeletal muscle mass(1).

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(1)" Relationship between antioxidant intakes and class I sarcopenia in elderly men and women" by Chaput JP, Lord C, Cloutier M, Aubertin Leheudre M, Goulet ED, Rousseau S, Khalil A, Dionne IJ.

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