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Herbal Butterbur and Migraine

Butterbur, found in wet, marshy, damp land, including wetland, riverside, forest, etc., is a creeping underground plant, genus Petasites of 15 -20 species, belonging to the family Asteraceae, native to Northern Hemisphere. It has been used in herbal medicne used as an pain reliever in digestive system, including stomach, bile ducts, and duodenum, etc.
Migraine headache is one most common headaches defined as condition of chronic neurological disorder of moderate to severe headaches, and nausea that usually develop gradually over 5–20 minutes and last for less than 60 minutes and affected over 15% of the population in US alone, as a result of the change in the brain and its surrounding blood vessels.

The Ingredients
The chemical constituents of Butterbur include Petioles, petasitene and pethybrene,  quercetin 3-O-beta-D-glucoside, quercetin 3-O-beta-D-6''-O-acetylglucoside, and rutin, caffeic acid, alkaloids, S-petasin and iso-S-petasin, etc.

The Benefits
Although the herb is used as nutritional supplement in US, scientific studies suggested that it may be used as the prevention of allergic rhinitis and treatment of migraine. In a three-arm, parallel-group, randomized trial comparing Petasites extract 75 mg bid, Petasites extract 50 mg bid, or placebo bid in 245 patients with migraine, Butterbur Petasites extract 75 mg bid is more effective than placebo and is well tolerated as a preventive therapy for migraine, with mild symptoms of gastrointestinal events, predominantly burping. Other study of extract of Petasites hybridus suggest that migraine patients can benefit from prophylactic treatment with this special extract. The combination of high efficacy and excellent tolerance emphasizes the particular value that Petasites hybridus has for the prophylactic treatment of migraine. But in a systematic review, the herbs is showed to have a Moderate evidence of effectiveness, thus, available for a higher than the recommended dose of the proprietary Petasites root extract Petadolex in the prophylaxis of migraine and suggested that rigorous studies are required to confirm effectiveness and safety in long-term use before treatment with Petasites root extract can be recommended the herb as an alternative option in the treatment to patient with the prophylaxis of migraine.

Side effects
1. Butterbur may be toxic to liver and cause cancer due to the presence of pyrrolizidine alkaloids
2. If you are pregnant please do not use Butterbur with out the permission of the related special field specialist
3. Allergic effect to certain people who are allergic to ragweed, marigold, daisy, etc.
4. Overdoses may cause indigestion, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.
5. Etc.

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