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Fibrocystic breast disease - The Treatments

Fibrocystic breast disease
Fibrocystic breast disease also known as fibrocystic breast condition is defined as a condition in which cysts, and noncancerous lump found in the breast tissue as result of hormonal change from the menstrual cycle. Fibrocystic breast diseases sometime cause pain and discomfort which affects approximately 30-60% of women.
A. In conventional medicine
The drugs used in conventional medicine is to treat the symptoms not the causes
In some women because of severity of symptoms, doctors may prescribe hormonal therapies
1. Oral contraceptive pill
a. Birth control pills
It is used if the Fibrocystic breast disease is the result of imbalance of estrogen and progesterone levels.
b. Danocrine, a synthetic version of the male hormone testosterone, works by shutting down the menstrual cycle.
c. Bromocriptine reduces prolactin release and suppresses breast milk production after pregnancy.
d. Etc.

2. Intraductal papilloma
Intraductal papilloma is a surgical procedure to remove ducts in the breast if the symptom is due discharge bothersome. After surgery, the appearance of the breast is usually unchanged.

3. Vitamin and mineral
a. Iodine
In animal study, researchers found that Fibrocystic breast disease is associated with iodine deficiency.
b. Vitamin B6 In some studies, researchers found that B6 supplementation reduces symptoms of Fibrocystic breast disease.
c. Vitamin E
In some studies, researchers found that vitamin E reduces symptoms of FBS.

4. Etc.

C. Herbal medicine
1. Borage seed oil
Borage seed oil contains high levels of essential fatty acids which help to regulate hormone production, thus reducing the risk of Fibrocystic breast disease.

2. Chaste berry tree
Chaste berry tree is considered as queen herb in herbal medicine as it contains vitex which helps to balance estrogen and progesterone production.

3. Red Clover
Red cover contains high levels of formononetin, an O-methylated isoflavone which helps to inhibit the production of bad estrogen cause of Fibrocystic breast disease.

4. Bloodroot
Bloodroot is found to be a strong competitor against any natural progesterone taken produced by the body, it is helpful if the cause of Fibrocystic breast disease is the progesterone related.

5. Dandelion leaf
Dandelion leaf can be used to ease symptoms of fluid engorgement of the breasts, because of it diuretic effect.

6. Etc.

D. Traditional Chinese medicine
Traditional Chinese medicine views Fibrocystic breast disease is a disease caused by Stagnation of Liver qi or Stagnation of qi and blood or Deficiency of qi and blood or Deficiency of Spleen and Kidney or Disharmony of Ren and Chong channels as a result of disruption of qi that lead to leads to blood stagnation resulting in dampness accumulates and eventually congeals into phlegm. This phlegm resulted in cystic formations in the breast.
Since the differentiation is quite complex, I will come back with a separate article

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