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Fibroadenomas - Symptoms, Causes and Risk Factors

Fibroadenomas are benign breast tumors composed of fibrous and glandular tissue which occur mostly in women 30 years old or younger. According to statistic, approximately 500,000-700,000 fibroadenomas are removed each year in US alone. The benign breast tumors are also called breast mice or a breast mouse due to their high mobility in the breast. They are general painless and may become tenderness or swelling just before the menstrual cycle. women with multiple fibroadenomas may indicate a slightly increased risk of breast cancer

1. Moving lumps
A slow growth cells mass in the breast may be an indication of fibroadenmas, lumps can be firm, painless, slow growth
2. Smooth and well-defined borders
Any roughness and undefined border may be an indication of breast cancer
3. Grow in size
Tumors may grow in size during pregnancy as a result of hormonal change.
4. Shrinking after menopause
As a result of reduction of female hormones after menopause.
5. Etc.

Causes and risk factors
1. Age
Due to the composite of tumors tissue, women under 30 are at higher risk in developing fibroadenomas.
2. Race
Black women have a higher risk to develop fibroadenomas than other races and at an earlier age.
3. Studies
In as study of Risk Factors for Fibroadenoma in a Cohort of Female Textile Workers in Shanghai, China by Zakia Coriaty Nelson, Roberta M. Ray, Dao Li Gao and David B. Thomas, researchers found that
a. History of benign breast disease
Women who had history of benign breast disease was strongly associated with an increased risk of fibroadenoma.
b. Premenstrual mastalgia
Premenstrual mastalgia was associated with higher risk of fibroadenoma.
c. Family history of breast cancer
Vomen who have family history of breast cancer are at relative risk of fibroadenoma.
d. Early age at first breast lump
Early age at first breast lump was determined to be an independent predictor of risk.
4. Exposure to xanoestrogen
Exposure xanoestrogen exhibits the production body's bad estrogen, causing premenstrual mastalgia that may lead to fibroadenomas.
5. Etc.
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