Sunday, 8 December 2013

Contraception - Coitus Interruptus (Wihtdrawal Method)

Coitus Interruptus is a method of birth-control in which a man penis is withdrawn from the female partner's vagina prior to ejaculation. This may work to prevent the possibility of pregnancy if used properly with the help of the experts.
In some studies, researchers found that the method has an over 15% of failure rate. Others suggested that the failure rate is the same as using the condom.
Unfortunately, due to in-prosperity in some parts of the world, the method is used with over 3% of the world population with the Western Asia accounted for over 15% in all cases. Some experts suggested that he risk of failure can be reduced to less than 4%, if used correctly.

The advantage of Coitus Interruptus
1. No requirement of knowledge of contraception, everyone can use it.
2. Cost no money, especially the cost of contraceptive devices is expensive in certain countries.
3. Without causing hormones related health issues, such as nervous tension causes of mood swing, repression, weight gain. etc.
4. No physical side effects, such as damage to the uterus.
5. Can be learned with or without medical consultant.
6. In some studies of fluid discharged prior to ejaculation, researchers found that there is as yet no objective evidence that there are any viable sperms in the fluid.
7. Etc.

The advantage of Coitus Interruptus.
1. The risk of failure is high compared with other methods
2. Expensive in case of abortion is needed due to unwanted pregnancy.
3. Risk of sexual transmitting diseases.
4. Can increase the risk of infection to the female partner as pre-withdrawal increases the risk of bacteria invasion.
5. Interruption during sexual intercourse may cause frustration of both partner
6. Increased the risk of premature ejaculation or erected dysfunction, according to some experts. 7. Some experts believe that the possibility of pregnancy is caused by sperm in the pre-seminal fluid.
8. Etc.

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