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Tip to help your Prenatal Health Problem New Born to Gain Weight - The Easy Way

It is frustrate to the parent, if the child is born with certain types of prenatal health problem. I can understand that kind of pain after many years working at a local clinic as a volunteer. One the most concern of the doctor is the weight of baby, according to the baby chart, especially with the child born with certain abnormality. Every week certain weight of the new born has to gain, otherwise, it may be an indication of something wrong affected by prenatal problem or certain health diseases. The reason why your doctor want your new born to gain weight is he/or she will out growth the problem or make the problem less serve. Overtime, some prenatal health problems will be creased to exist as the child is getting stronger and stronger, his/her organs are larger and function better everyday.

Most of the new born with prenatal health problem are advised to be fed by mother' milk, if possible, because of the antibodies made by the mother will prevent the child to get sick and cold is one of the main concern.

The one thing which I found to be helpful in making the new born to gain weight is to add concentration formula to the mother's milk with higher concentration (exclusive for the newborn with digestive track problem) and feed him/her with a bottle. You will try add higher concentration volume everyday but make sure that your new born can tolerate it until he/she is gaining a acceptable weight, then keep the rate of concentration as it is. your dietitian will tell the maximum allowed.

Breast milk= 1/2 concentration formula + 1/2 water
Every time, a portion of concentration formula is added to your breast milk, the nutrients are doubt.
For example, if 1000mml of breast milk + 100mml of concentration formula = 1200mml of nutrients.

Let assume your child is taken 5000mml a day, you may want to add 10% of 5000ml of concentration formula and decrease the breast milk to 4500mml = 5500mml nutrients without increasing the volume of milk intake daily. This extra 500mml nutrients will sure help your baby to gain weight.

Your should talk to your hospital children dietitian before using it. This is the type of method that I had seen working for most of the new born and reducing the time of some complicate diagnosis, putting stress to the parent and the baby.

If you feed your new born with formula, in normal circumstance, the fed-milk is 1-1, the same amount of formula concentration and added water. You can change the ratio by adding lesser water for example 1 (portion of concentration formula milk) -0.9 (portion of water)=1.1 nutrients instead of 1.

Once again, please make sure you talk to a qualified dietitian before applying. If your child is born with digestive track problem, the method will cause more harm, do not apply it. In any case, talk to your doctor.

Please note that the formula contains all kinds of nutrient for your new born to gain weight, the little more the add, the little more the weight what he/she will gain.

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