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Postpartum Thyroid Disease - Hypothyroidism

Postpartum thyroid disease is defined as a condition of women who deliver babies have postpartum thyroiditis, with hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, or both, within one year after delivery as the thyroid gland has become abnormal in production of thyroid hormones. If you need more information about postpartum depression, please follow the link. Due to hormonal change expected after giving birth, most postpartum thyroid diseases are overlook by your doctor. It is for your own benefit, if you are experiencing symptoms of thyroidism, you should see your doctor. According to statistic, approximately 10 percent of women may suffer thyroid disease after childbirth.
In most cases, postpartum thyroid disease (transient thyroidism) may be temporary, as it will disappear after a short period of time.
B. Hypothyroidism
A Woman who is hypothyroid and on thyroid hormone replacement, with the follow up of thyroid hormone measurement to make sure that her thyroid hormone in the acceptable can be breast feeding her baby, because the amounts of medication cross over cause no harm to the baby health.
According to the article of "Breastfeeding and Thyroid Disease, Questions and Answers Can You Nurse Your Baby When Hypothyroid, Taking Thyroid Drugs Like Synthroid, or With Hyperthyroidism or Graves' Disease and Taking Antithyroid Drugs Like Tapazole or PTU" by Mary Shomon, the author wrote
" ....I (Mary Shomon) was not becoming engorged in between nursings, and after more visits to the lactation consultants and doula, the theory was that I didn't have a sufficient enough milk supply, and Julia didn't have a very strong sucking reflex. After trying many methods of increasing milk supply recommended by the various resources I called on -- everything from herbs like fenugreek, a nursing vacation, and nursing every 2 hours -- Julia continued to lose weight. At the three-week point, the pediatrician insisted that I add supplemental formula for Julia. Julia immediate began gaining weight.
Insuffient milk production by the mother may be a problem with postpartum hypothyroidism.
I will direct you to me previous article "Tips to help your New Born to Gain Weight - The Easy Way, if you are breastfeeding and have hypothyroidism" with a slight change to the tittle.

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