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Pregnancy - Gestational Diabetes - The Preventions and Complications

Gestational Diabetes is defined as a condition of high blood glucose of a pregnant women who is experience such diseases or symptoms only during pregnancy as a result of hormonal change, but return to normal blood sugar after giving birth. Gestational diabetes is considered as an indication of type II diabetes. It affects approximately 3% of pregnant women.
1. Lose weight
Obesity is one of the major factor which contribute to diabetes and gestational diabetes, you make sure that you lose weight before you want to get pregnant.
2. Age
Since age is associated to the risk of gestational diabetes, getting pregnant before the age of 30 will avoid any complication, including gestation diabetes.
3. Eating and living healthy
Eating healthy and living healthy such as quick smoke and drinking can provide you with optimal health for a healthy conception and delivery.
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4. Moderate exercise
Moderate exercise enhances conception while rigid exercise reduces it
5. Reduce stress
Stress is proven to be a big factor in contributing to gestational diabetes, taking yoga or meditation class will be beneficial for relaxation.
6. Etc.

Complication of untreated gestation diabetes
Although it is rarely happened in the western world but in some underdevelopment countries, untreated gestational diabetes can cause below complication if left untreated
1. Dead of the fetus
According to the "PREDIABETES A Synthesis" By W. P. U. JACKSON, M.A., M.D., M.R.C.P., D.C.H, the authors wrote that Malins has observed an interesting relationship between the diabetogenic effect of pregnancy in the mother with established diabetes and the survival of the infant. He found that the foetus was less likely to survive in those cases where the mother needed a considerable increase in insulin dosage during pregnancy, and particularly where this higher insulin.

2. Develop respiratory distress syndrome
As we mentioned above.

3. Hypoglycemia
It is a result of over production of the baby pancreas to counter the high blood glucose during pregnancy.

4. Over size baby
As a result of high levels of glucose in the mother blood

5. Jaundice
As a result of the immature of the baby in break downing of red blood cells, causing bilirubin build up that leads to yellowish skin color and the white parts of the eye.

6. Etc. 

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