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Pregnancy - Gestational Diabetes - Diagnosis

Gestational Diabetes is defined as a condition of high blood glucose of a pregnant women who is experience such diseases or symptoms only during pregnancy as a result of hormonal change, but return to normal blood sugar after giving birth. Gestational diabetes is considered as an indication of type II diabetes. It affects approximately 3% of pregnant women.

Diagnosis and test
Women who have some of above symptom or at high risk, are recommended to have blood glucose test between 24-28 weeks of pregnancy.
1. A fasting glucose blood test
There is requirement of the test but you can not eat for a period of 10 hours but no more than 16 hours. If you blood glucose levels are in the normal range, no further test are required. If you blood glucose levels are higher than normal range, here are some additional tests. 2. Oral Glucose Tolerance Blood Test
Preparation same as the above test, but in this test, your blood glucose is tested when you arrive at the clinic, test again at one hour after drinking a sugary beverage. If your blood glucose level is above normal range, you are be diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

3. If you are diagnosed with gestation diabetes, then there are more tests to ensure a healthy pregnancy, including ultrasound (general health of the baby), fetal movement records (movement of the baby every 2 hours), fetal monitoring ( heart beat of the baby). etc.

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