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Nephritis: Interstitial nephritis (Tubulo-interstitial nephritis) - Signs and Symptoms

Nephritis is defined as a condition of inflammation of the nephrons in the kidneys.
Interstitial nephritis (Tubulo-interstitial nephritis) 
Interstitial nephritis is defined as a condition of inflammation of the spaces between renal tubules, affecting the interstitium of the kidneys and kidney function in wast removal.

A. Signs and symptoms 
In the study of Symptoms in patients with tubulo-interstitial nephritis, researchers at the School of Medicine, Juntendo University, indicated that in patients with acute TIN, marked
1. Fever,
2. Back or flank pain
3. CVA tenderness
4. Skin rash
5. Arthralgia
6. Cosinophilia and
7. Eosinouria are observed.
Clinical symptoms might be induced by glomerular, proximal tubular or distal tubular dysfunction in chronic TIN. Mild to moderate
8. Proteinuria
9. Edema
10. Hypertension
11. Azotemia
12. Glucosuria
13. Aminoaciduria
14. Polyuria and
15. Polydipsia are characteristic findings in patients with chronic TIN(1).  

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(1) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7563629