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Bladder Stone (Vesical calculi) - The Symptoms

Bladder Stones (calculus) is a composed of mineral masses formed in the bladder as a result of Concentrated, stagnant urinary, dehydrated causes of crystallization. Small bladder stones in most cases, pass on their own in the flow of urine.

A. Symptoms
The symptoms are as results of irritation of bladder wall or the stones have blocked the flow of the urine causes of infection and complications. In most cases, Bladder stone large and small do not cause any symptoms at all.
1. Inability to walk, constipation and urinary incontinence
There is a report of a case of massive irreducible procidentia with a hard palpable mass in the anterior vaginal wall mimicking an impacted faecal mass in a 57-year-old multiparous, post-menopausal woman with symptoms of Inability to walk, constipation and urinary incontinence as her primary complaints. targeted plain X-ray and ultrasound of the prolapsed mass disclosed the existence of multiple vesical calculi(1).

2. Lower abdominal pain, pain during micturation and pollakuria
There is a report of a  48-year-old man hospitalized with the chief complaints of lower abdominal pain, pain during micturation and pollakuria, plain radiography showed 2 giant bladder stone shadows: one as 6.0 × 5.0 cm and the other one 5.0 × 5.0 cm in size(2).

3. Voiding symptoms (Poor stream, Hesitancy, Terminal dribbling, Incomplete voiding, Overflow incontinence) and hematuria (Blood in your urine)
There is a report of a case of 43 year old man with the diagnosis of giant bladder stone (more than 10 cm diameter) with symptoms of voiding symptoms and hematuria(3).

4. Others symptoms
a. Repeated cloudy or abnormally dark-colored urine as a result of infection of the urinary track.
b. In men, pain or discomfort in the penis due to blockage or infection
c. Etc.
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