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Bladder Stone (Vesical calculi) - The Diagnosis and do's and do not's list

Bladder Stones (calculus) is a composed of mineral masses formed in the bladder as a result of Concentrated, stagnant urinary, dehydrated causes of crystallization. Small bladder stones in most cases, pass on their own in the flow of urine.
D. Diagnosis
After a complete physical examination (incluning rectal examination) and family history are recorded, if you are suspected to have developed bladder stones, the test which your doctor orders, may include
1. Bladder or pelvic x-ray
The aim of the test is to let your doctoe visualize  the bladder, urethra (the tube connecting the bladder with the outside of the body), and the ureters (the tubes connecting the kidneys to the bladder) of the patient, for  the bladder's stones and abnormalities in the pelvic, including the a blockage in the urinary path.

2. Cystoscopy
Cystoscopy is the examination of the bladder and urethra with use of cystoscope. In the examination, smaller bladder stone can be removed if found. It is hekpful as smaller bladder stones sometime can not be detected by the X ray.

3. Urinalysis
The aim of the test is to rule out the infectious and other causes of urinary tract symptoms

4. CT scans
CT scans are the better test to identify very small stones not seen by other tests

5. Etc.

E. Prevention
E.1. The do's and do not's list
1. Avoid dehydration
Dehydration can cause increased urine concentration which can lead to crystallization.

2. Drinking 6 - 8 glasses of water or more per day
In most case smaller bladder stones can  pass on their own in the flow of urine

3. Avoid eating too much foods contain high amount of axalates which can increase the risk of the risk of bladder stone.

4. Quit smoking
Smoking increased the risk of the accumulation of cadmium on the bladder wall

5. Enlarged prostate
Enlarged prostate is the primary cause of bladder stone in men.

6. Etc.
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