Sunday, 22 December 2013

Weight loss improves renal hemodynamics

Renal hemodynamics is a study of as blood movement of blood flow or the circulation in the kidney.
According to the study of thirty-five obese patients undertook a 12-week calorie-restricted diet. The patients underwent a metabolic (oral glucose tolerance test, plasma lipids, and uric acid) and renal hemodynamic evaluations (creatinine clearance and urinary albumin excretion) before (phase 1), and after the 12-week diet (phase 2), researchers found that Body weight reduction has a positive impact on renal hemodynamics, decreasing urinary albumin excretion as well as glomerular hyperfiltration in obese patients with metabolic syndrome(1)

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(1) "Weight loss improves renal hemodynamics in patients with metabolic syndrome"Ezequiel DG, Costa MB, Chaoubah A, Paula RB.

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